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6 strategies to rekindle your business passion


With the change of seasons and the recent Super Moon overhead are you as passionate about your business as you once were? Before you make any ‘knee jerk’ decisions, or ones that are done at the end of a long day (week, month or year), take a moment to stop and relook at your business and what you have achieved.

Take some paper a pen (or coloured pencils if you prefer) and break your business up into parts and explore each one (on paper that is, get it out of your head).

We have all heard about the ‘seven year itch’, whether it be in love or business and being in my 21st year of business, it’s my third time when I think about running away to a deserted island where I don’t have to think about; BAS, PAYG, employees mistakes, clients demands and social media updates on what we are doing every minute of the day! Now don’t get me wrong I love what I do and have amazing clients and a great team on the whole, however, as a human every so often there is that little voice inside my head saying “Is this it”? So before you begin to resent your business, let’s look at a few areas that could be improved upon or developed.

Here are 6 strategies to rekindle your business passion:

1. New people – new ideas

Which areas in your business take up a lot of your time and you don’t enjoy? Is there someone else in your business who could do this, or do you need to recruit or even outsource?

Employ a person with drive, passion, initiative, great work ethic and ideas. It may not be easy to find someone but it’s not impossible and it’s worth waiting to find the right one instead of taking on “anyone”.

Review your needs, write a job description and recruit with the end purpose in mind. If you don’t have guidelines in place you will recruit someone because “you like them”, who may not be necessarily the best person for your business.

2. New procedures – is there an app? 

Instead of complaining about your team members or spending time repeatedly on something that could be automated, review your current systems and procedures. With there being an “App” for just about anything these days, has there been one developed that you could use or find yourself a great App Developer and them develop an App specific for your needs. So often we continue doing the same old thing as we don’t make the time to change it so instead we just complain about it each time. How much more productive would you and your team be if there were updated and new systems along with written procedures that others could follow, so you could step back from being the “walking book of knowledge”

3. New space – do you need to be where you are? 

Close your eyes picture your ideal workplace or what you had imagined when you first opened your business, do you have it now? Is it a space where you and your team are productive or are you easily distracted or can’t concentrate because you like silence when thinking while someone who loves to chat shares your space? Could you relocate to a larger or perhaps a smaller space depending on your need now and over the coming year or two? By relocating would you save money, be able to employ more team members or just have a better outlook to the outside world.

Hiring a Self Storage site is a new adaptive way of creating space in the workplace; storing stock, some online businesses even operate from their unit despatching and receiving products. These sites are very secure with many of them being 24/7, think of the space you will create in your garage as well as the rent that you maybe paying on a bigger floor space then what you need where you are now.

4. New services – evolution or revolution 

It’s time to spring clean the services or products you offer. Is there an opportunity to add a whole new range or a complimentary program or do you begin your journey in a whole new direction?

Take the time to listen to your clients, how are their businesses evolving and can you offer a product or service that will assist them to grow their business and not have them looking at your competitors for alternatives and options.

Or have you identified a gap in the market and you know that what you have will fill it?

5. New team motivation more than just money 

How do you and your business engage the community through local events and recognised charities? Giving back whether it be time or money impacts on the receiver as well as the giver. Many team members today look at a company’s values and culture before joining the team and regard a business who supports a charity with more than just a cheque, is high on their radar when seeking for employment. When it comes to charity, you have to know the reason why your business is supporting it; is it a tax write off or is it something that you or someone close has been effected by or is it a global problem. Be honest, the amount of energy and time you and your team devote to it, will certainly make your motives known rather quickly. There is no right or wrong reason, just know the why.

6. New aspect 

Make the time in your diary to take some time out of the business, this doesn’t mean going on a holiday with your laptop and phone calls forwarded to your mobile, that is not time out. Even a couple of days to look inside your business and recharge your inner strength for the countdown to Christmas and the commencement of another year, will help you to enjoy business and rekindle your energy.

Love your business or make changes that will bring back your passion. Only you can make the decision and make the changes needed.

About Michelle Pascoe

Michelle Pascoe is a Professional Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Author who lives and breathes her passion for customer service, mystery shopping, and team motivation. She is an experienced businesswomen and specialist in every aspect of service operations and processes, and their impact on the customer experience. As an international speaker and accredited trainer and assessor, Michelle combines her extensive experience and specialised knowledge with an absolute commitment to igniting the potential in each and every individual so they can achieve outstanding results.

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