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6 Things you should know to build a better Blog


If you’re thinking about building a new blog, these tips may save you time and money. The role of blogs evolves about as quickly as technology. Every year, there are new techniques from disruptors that teach us new, better ways to drive traffic or game the search algorithms.

Even so, there is some advice that remains evergreen. Following these bits of advice could save you many hours of frustration and testing in the early days of launching your blog.

Build your niche out until it’s unique

A popular type of blog is one with personal stories or family history. Unless you’re an exceptional storyteller, it’s hard for blogs like this to gain large followings or make money.

If your goal is to make money, you’ll be more successful choosing a topic that informs and educates your intended audience. Talk to your friends, read every blog you can, and figure out how you can uniquely approach a topic and give it a fresh spin. Keep focusing your topics until you reach an area where you have special expertise that can’t be offered by people doing the same thing.

Start with a purpose

As you determine the main topic of your blog, take some time to outline your mission. Do you intend to attract advertising or hope to parlay your writing into a book deal? In almost any case, you want to work toward becoming an industry influencer. Influencers are bloggers who have engaged, loyal followers who trust their advice.

Decide where your interests lie and combine that with your goals. Establish a community and write about your experiences. You can pursue free products in exchange for reviews, share amusing stories about family life, or provide a hyper-local information directly to people in your area.

Designate a workspace

One of the most positive effects of blogging is the sense of community. It’s full of creative people who are willing to share tips with one another. You’ll find that bloggers are collaborative, not competitive. After all, cross-linking is an important part of getting more visitors.

Between starting your creative venture and becoming part of an interesting community, you can easily exceed the time you have budgeted, so it is best to have a dedicated workspace where you can concentrate and leave projects in process.

Realize follower counts don’t equal an engaged audience

You can’t expect your blog to generate traffic on its own. Successful bloggers spend as much time promoting their site as they do creating content. Generating backlinks, guest posting, and optimizing your content for search engines is all necessary work to find readers. Social media allows you to engage your customers and can have a profound effect on your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Instagram has over 90 million followers and is one of the places you should be if you want to increase your number of followers. Some choose to focus on paying more for professional content, while others buy instagram followers to help their blog gain more likes and engagement. But the most important thing is to make sure your audience is engaged.


Analyze your posts to optimize readability. Although the search engines can’t read like a human, they do use certain aspects of your writing to piece together an outline that lets them know when content is appropriate to reference. You’ll need to use active language, measure your sentences and paragraph lengths, use subheadings, and employ transition words between concepts.

Learn about search engine optimization

Search engines directly affect your visibility on the Internet. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a group of tasks and tools designed to improve your site’s authority, ranking, and trust level. Successful SEO management ultimately results in higher traffic and more opportunities to monetize your site.

Stay ahead of the pack

Digital marketing changes quickly, and so do the strategies for managing your site’s traffic and brand reputation. You’ll have the best chance at success if you learn everything you can about blogs and internet trends before you launch a new site.

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