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6 things to know when choosing a coach


There comes a point as a business owner where we will need direction and guidance from someone who has been where we are right now. That’s when you need professional, targeted coaching. But you should be aware of the things to know when choosing a coach first.

For a start, how do you know when you have reached the stage of needing a coach? When you have exhausted every freebie possible and you just want personalised advice that is going to help you fast-track your business. I know because I’ve been there too…. Sometimes the day seems to drag on and you feel like you’re lacking a plan and you have no idea what to do next. That’s when you know that it’s time to hire some help!

When I first started my business I didn’t know anything about coaches and mentors, and then later on down the track I thought all coaches and mentors were the really old and boring corporate types – and I thought what do they know about online marketing, they probably can’t even start a computer. Although when you start looking around especially on Facebook, you’re gong to find someone that can help you (with whatever type of help you’re looking for).

But first, make sure you consider these 6 things…

1. Know what you want and what problems you have

Understand what kind of assistance you’re looking for.

Is it help with your business direction, online marketing, money mind set or something totally different?

Know if you would prefer to sign up for a group program or pay a bit more to have 1:1 coach.

Finding the right coach is just like going shopping, if you’re not really clear on what you want you’ll come home with something completely different to your original thoughts and you’ll be left thinking ‘why did I even buy this’. I’ve been there before and I don’t want that to happen to you!

2. Sign up for a complimentary session before purchasing

You want to have the ability to chat with your future coach before making a large purchase.

When speaking with them they will also be able to tell if you’re the right fit for them, and if they can actually help you.

I know I’ve had people sign up for strategy sessions with me and I know that they were not the right fit so I referred them elsewhere.

It’s also just really nice to talk to a real person, which will give you reassurance around your big exciting decision.

3. Is it too good to be true?

There’s so much hype online around making a certain amount of money in x amount of days, and if it’s too good to be true it probably is.

Don’t get too excited about the hype, choose your coach based on their clients testimonials, their story and their business. Are they where you want to be in your business and can they help you get you where you want to be? This is the main question you yourself need to answer.

4. Know what you’re going to get

Before signing up for a program or a 1:1 coaching package be clear on what it is you’re actually going to get – just for your own peace of mind and assurance.

How many sessions will I get?

How long does a session go for?

Will I get email support?

Do I get access to online learning material?

How long will I have access to the online learning material?

How will our sessions take place?

What is the overall cost?

What will we be working on throughout the program?

What results have previous clients gotten from working with you?

Will this work for me? (This will only work for you if you do the work, so if they tell you yes definitely and make huge promises then alarm bells should be ringing.)

These are the types of questions you want ticked off your list when looking for a coach. Make sure you make your own list around any information you would like to know.

5. What were they doing before they became a coach?

It’s so easy to become a coach or mentor these days – all you have to do is make it your Facebook business title and there you have it you’re a coach. Do your research and find out what they were doing before they started this business and what makes them qualified?

6. Feel good in your decision

You’re allowed to invest in your business! So feel good and excited in your decision to work with a coach.

This will be one of the greatest things you have done for your business, and when you have found the right coach and do the work you will be able to fast track your success, and gain real clarity around your best action plan.

Good luck with your exciting decision! My biggest piece of advice is to trust your gut! And if you are looking for some online marketing coaching, sign up for my free video eCourse and learn how to get clients to find you easily and on repeat!

About Ashleigh Ryan

Ashleigh Ryan is an Online Marketing & Success Mentor for women in their first year of business. At, Ashleigh Ryan she has built a business around her lifestyle that allows her to live wherever she pleases, define her own schedule and live life of her own accord.

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