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7 Signs your job is affecting you and your family


Your job will always affect you and your family to some degree or other. But when your job starts to have a consistently negative impact on your family day in and day out, something’s got to give. Here are seven signs your job is causing problems for you and your family:

You don’t spend enough time with your family

When was the last time you all took a holiday together? Do you make weekday plans for family dinners? Or have you taken your other half out for a date night recently? If work always comes first and family time always takes a backseat, every member of the family will be suffering. You’ll be stressed out and overworked. Your family will be feeling neglected.

Everyone is irritable

If you’re always impatient with your spouse and your children and they seem irritable with you, work could be to blame. It’s important that you are able to maintain a good work-life balance and that you’re working within a positive workplace culture. If you’re constantly stressed or dealing with a toxic work environment, it’s inevitable that your work issues will begin to affect your family life.

You over-indulge your kids

The hallmark of a parent who doesn’t spend enough time with their children is overindulgence. When you do see them you lavish them with gifts. And you tend to let bad behaviour slide. But this doesn’t do the family dynamic any favours in the long run. If guilt over your work commitments is affecting how you treat your children and the level of discipline you’re prepared to impose, you need to reassess the situation.

You complain about work, a lot

Being able to discuss your work worries with your other half is important. You should both support each other with the problems you face. But if find yourself always complaining about work and able to think about very little else, it may be that you need to make some changes. Maybe a new job or crisis meeting with your boss is in order.

You always check your emails at home

It may seem insignificant. A quick check of your emails every hour or so. But every glance at your smartphone eats into the time you spend with your family. And it’s easy to misevaluate the amount of time you actually spend distracted by your phone. If you work in a demanding job, you will have to bring work home with you from time to time. However, if you never get time to forget about emails and just be with your family, you’ll feel constantly divided and your family will feel that they never get your full attention.

You Hate Sundays
There are two days to every weekend. If you’re having real problems at work it may feel like Saturday is the only one of the two you can enjoy. Sunday becomes a day to prepare for the week ahead. And may come with an unhealthy and overpowering feeling of dread. Spending a whole day of family time feeling depressed and out of sorts isn’t good for you or your family. You need to think of ways you can improve your work situation.

You don’t feel healthy

When you’re stressed at work, your health can pay the price too. You might not be sleeping well because thoughts about work keep you awake. You may eat more than usual to make yourself feel better, albeit temporarily. Or you may drink more alcohol than you used to as a way to forget your work worries. All of these behaviours will have an effect on your family too. They need you to be healthy and happy if they’re to be the same.

Look out for these signs that your job is negatively affecting you and your family. And if you spot any of them, try to rectify your work situation as soon as possible. You and your family deserve to spend happy, quality time together.

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