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9 questions not to ask your boss


‘There are no stupid questions’. We’ve all heard the saying, but have probably been reluctant to completely believe it. And that’s because there are some questions you shouldn’t ask.

In the workplace in particular, some bosses can be great about employees asking questions and are happy to answer every single one they have—especially if they’re the right ones.

But the wrong question, asked at the wrong time(to a, frankly, bad boss) can really annoy them because they may find the idea of employees asking questions a nuisance and even find the question asked stupid or annoying in itself.

Here are some examples of what not to ask your boss, so you can avoid asking them:

‘Do I have to?’

Asking this question tells your boss, and those around you, that you are lazy and do not want to take on more work or responsibility than what you already do.

This is particularly bad if your boss has repeatedly asked you to do something and you’ve either ignored them completely or put off doing it until you “feel like it”.

‘Did you hear … ?’

This question boarders on idle gossip and will not endear you to your boss because it will seem like you care more about doing that then working.

“What’s his deal?’

This question makes you seem judgmental, nosey and may make your boss think that you’re asking questions that are none of your business or relevant to you and your job.

‘How much are you offering her?”

This question, quite frankly,is rude.How much another employee earns is none of your business unlessthat employee wants to tell you that information or you’re job is within the wage paying cycle. Otherwise, mind your own business on this one.

Can I Come In Late/Leave Early?

Um…. no. Well, not usually unless you have a damn good reason for doing so, like having an early or late afternoon doctor’s appointment. If not, then you’d best arrive on time and stick around until your actual knock-off time.Besides, your boss will only be reasonable about this to a point.

What Are You Doing Tonight?

While this question is not a completely unreasonable one, you still have to consider the relationship you really have with your boss.

And sure, you may be asking this question to be friendly and because you already have a fairly friendly relationship with them, but that doesn’t mean they will tell you what they are doing or expect you to do the same.

“How do I do this?”

Assuming you’re not new to your job, the industry as a whole or a new procedure or technology has been introduced to your workplace, you should know how to do your job by now. Surely!

This is simply because you wouldn’t have gotten your job if you couldn’t do it in the first place.

“Why did Jon get promoted when I have more time in the position?”

Asking this question can make you sound bitter about not getting the promotion and insubordinate towards your boss for questioning his decision not to promote someone else over you.

Besides, there is probably a good reason for why you didn’t get the promotion. But on the plus side, asking this question is a great way to find out why.

How Do You Feel About My Performance?

While this question is not a bad question, there is always a time and place to ask it and you should think very hard about scheduling a meeting with your boss to talk about it.

However, the one downside of asking this question is that you may come across as insecure and lacking confidence in how you’re doing at work, even if your boss sees that you want to improve on your faults and develop as an employee.

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