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5 tips you need to know for a virtual online interview


Technology and social media have completely transformed the recruitment landscape. More often than not, applicants are not only applying online but also screened via virtual interview. Using technology to bridge distance, the virtual interview is quickly becoming a norm in the recruitment and selection process as employers are able to source out the most qualified candidates in record time.

The virtual interview requires special considerations and set up in addition to traditional interview preparation. Follow these expert tips to gain a virtual edge in your next interview:

1. Test equipment

A minimum of 30 minutes before your scheduled interview test your equipment and connection, battery and sound. If you aren’t technically savvy, allow for additional time in the event you need to troubleshoot technical issues.

2. Location

Background: keep it simple and professional. Stage the area with a tasteful piece of art, a tidy book shelf or a credenza and lamp as your backdrop. Do not display a cluttered or messy backdrop and be sure you are the only subject ie. no others are in view or ear shot.

3. Sound

Remember that an empty room will echo, whereas the more furniture and articles you have in a room, the more sound will be absorbed. Also consider eliminating all other background noise such as silencing ringers, closing windows to avoid the sound of traffic and if interviewing in the office, consider interruptions from colleagues or the noisy co-worker in the next cubicle. If interviewing from home, make arrangements for children and pets. Eliminate any potential distraction to ensure the focus is on you.
Lighting: where possible, opt for natural lighting. For optimal lighting, position yourself facing a window rather than sitting with the window behind you. If you don’t have access to a window, position a lamp in front of you.

4. Camera Angle

In order to duplicate natural eye contact, focus your gaze on the computers camera as opposed to the screen. If required, stack your computer to raise the camera to your natural eye level. Keep the computer arms length away.

5. Appearance

Although not a traditional interview, the same standard of interview attire applies. Hair and make up should be prepared accordingly. Keep things subtle but coifed. Although only your upper body will be in view, prepare your entire outfit in the event more than your torso is caught in the frame. Body language can be extremely powerful in interviews, however in the virtual realm, keep gestures and movements to a minimum. Utilize eye contact and the triple head nod as your main non-verbal influencers throughout a virtual interview.

Mastering the virtual interview will help secure your space in the workplace!

About Monica Romeo

The Image Consultancy’s Monica Romeo is a certified Image Consultant and HR Professional with over 10 years experience in coaching, recruiting and corporate consulting, Monica is a firm believer in the transformative power of a professional image. With a degree in Psychology and certifications in kinesics (body language), etiquette and image consulting, Monica is keenly aware of the role of appearance and behavior in society and as such she is passionate about inspiring change in the lives of her clients. A highly sought after consultant and speaker, Monica works to facilitate the type of change that brings with it confidence and momentum. A confidence that blows open the doors of opportunity and attracts clients, relationships, promotion and possibility into the lives of her clients. Working with the unique aspects of each body, lifestyle and budget, Monica’s transformations have the ability to bring about profound and remarkable change.

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