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9 tips to become an expert on any subject quickly


In life, it pays to be a fast learner. We need to be fast in completing our daily activities, effective in handling our tasks at work and managing time with family and friends, as well as quick in fixing problems. Being a fast learner is especially very important in the workplace. If we can quickly become an expert on any subject, we can manage to perform tasks well — and impress our managers.

Sometimes even as an adult, we still have certain moments when we feel like we haven’t known or learned something well enough yet, but we have to work with it right now. How do we provide a service consultation to our company’s senior partner about an amortization if we are not even aware of the term? Are there ways to quickly become an expert on any subject? Fortunately, there are some tips that you can try to become a savvy, quick and skillful professional:

1. Active read

You can’t become an instant genius on any subject without doing some active reading in your spare time. By engaging your brain with new information through reading, you fill yourself with more knowledge that willbe useful when you need it.

2. ‘Skim google’

Doing some research on a particular subject if you want to master it is crucial. Most people nowadays turn to Google to familiarise themselves with a topic that they want to know about. But what if you don’t have a lot of time to learn about that topic? You ‘skim google’ it. Just type in the keywords you need for searching the topic and open up a few (or many) tabs. Then stop researching and quickly skim read through your searches. After that you will come up with your own basic understanding of the topic through numerous sources – and that will lead to deeper, more thorough research once you work out where you need to focus.

3. Sketch it out

Sometimes it’s not enough to grasp new information through reading, researching and even listening. At school, we learned that writing things down on our notebook helped us understand more and helped those things stuck in our brain. The same thing happens at our workplace and daily lives. Writing things down enables us to quickly understand the bigger picture of a particular subject.

4. Get connected to experts

If we want to quickly learn how to cook, being friends with someone who cooks well really helps. By spending time with people who are experts on a specific subject, we are immersing ourselves in the subject and we can pick up the knowledge we need by doing so.

5. Education

We need to open ourselves to learning at all times. Life is about learning and learning doesn’t stop when we leave school or university. Through having an open mind to discussion, brainstorming, even a problem, we stimulate our brain to digest new information and knowledge. And soon, we become known for being an expert on a particular subject.

6. Passion

As Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

By definition, an expert is someone who is very knowledgeable about or skillful in a particular area. You can rarely become an expert of a particular subject while you are bored by that subject. An expert is skillful in a certain area because they are passionate about the subject and enjoy learning about it.

7. Patience

To quickly become an expert on something, we also need patience. Malcolm Gladwell claims it takes about 10,000 hours of practice to master a particular field. Where we have less than 10,000 hours to master something, we still need to have patience in getting to know the field. We need to be patient in doing our research, collecting data, asking questions and executing application. Remember that practice makes perfect.

8. Teach yourself

After engaging yourself with the subject that you want to learn, you can pretend to teach what you have gained to someone else. Practice shows that it really helps to teach to a toddler. By using basic explanations and logic flow, it helps you to better understand the underlying things of the subject.

9. Learn to love what you do

We might not always enjoy what we do. A manager in training might have a passion for becoming a successful manager, but doesn’t really enjoy the process of learning business law. That’s normal. There are some things we’re not particularly interested in. But what makes you an expert in the future is your perseverance in learning those things.

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