Added value propositions that will enhance any brand


This guide outlines strategies you can use to create added value for your business, no matter what industry or field you are in.

One of the main objectives of brands nowadays must be related to the creation of added value, for themselves but also for the end consumer, toward whose satisfaction all the efforts of companies in every corner of the world continue to be directed.

How to create added value for a brand

Added value can be created in a number of ways: by a structural addition or enhancement of the product, which amplifies its scope or improves its performance, by the inclusion of new ancillary services offered along with the purchase of the main good or product, but also by marketing a peculiar category of products that can respond effectively to the renewed needs of customers, the changing tastes of the public and its equally unpredictable moods.

This operational methodology has also been employed for entire decades by the best brands currently on the market, which have thus managed to strengthen their reputation and positioning through a kind of functional upgrading that has improved the overall quality of the products, almost always also satisfying the public’s demands.

But added value is not generated solely through an improved functionality of the product, or with its structural, tangible adjustment, visible to the naked eye. Sometimes, added value is created in other ways as well, by insisting on the more nebulous, intangible aspects of the product, such as the emotional charge it is able to convey, the values it is able to convey, or even the promises associated with its use, almost always linked to a particular desire or aspiration of the consumer.

The intangible aspects

To generate this kind of added value, the brand will therefore have to shift its attention for a moment from the product, from its more concrete characteristics, focusing on the whole range of sensations and feelings that a product is capable of arousing in the consumer, before and after purchase. For the past few years, to achieve these goals, companies around the world-even small ones-can make use of the sensational weapon of social media, which has completely disrupted-and will continue to disrupt-the online communication of people and companies.

On social networks, the creation of added value is not only related to a trivial increase in sales and business performance, which can be achieved through the obvious increase in brand visibility and its enhanced ability to reach more people, but also to the creation of extremely powerful content capable of engaging the potential consumer at a very deep level, triggering extremely intense emotions that will greatly contribute to establishing a real bond between the brand and its interlocutor, thus strengthening mutual trust.

Valuable content

From this point of view, the value videos that are often shared by forward-thinking companies, especially within certain social media, can greatly enhance the brand’s reputation within certain audience segments, while increasing its expressive effectiveness and ability to intrigue and capture the audience’s attention.

Presentation and marketing

Added value can also be created through packaging, with a package with a great aesthetic impact that can attract the attention of observers in a few moments, but also with the addition of small unexpected giveaways within the box itself. These small gifts are intended to elicit a feeling akin to wonder, ecstasy, and stupefaction, increasing the end consumer’s pleasure even more and strengthening the bond of trust already established earlier.

Companies that have portals or websites, in order to create additional value and thus enhance the user experience of their users, can embellish them with stunning graphic effects, or build them in a minimalist style that leaves room for the viewer’s imagination.

User experience

The structure of the site can also be a source of added value, especially if it will make it possible to navigate smoothly and complete purchases without any particular barriers or annoying obstacles. The site is to be considered for all intents and purposes as the real business card of the company, so it will also need to possess unique features capable of triggering users’ interest.

This principle has also been faithfully followed by some of the largest online portals dedicated to betting and gambling, where players will always be able to find high-level graphics, evocative sound effects and limitless accessibility, extended even to the areas of the site where they can find useful guides and honest reviews on the best sites where they can place their bets, in a perfectly safe and legal manner, without any kind of surprise. The added value, in this case, consists in offering a perfect package for the large catalog of the best sites dedicated to online entertainment, which will thus seem even more pleasant and attractive.


Aiming for added value means going beyond the mere marketing of the product, making continuous efforts to improve more and more, without ever stopping.


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