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Are you derailing your own productivity?


Everyone talks about productivity, but for women in the business world I am convinced there often never seems to be enough hours in the day to achieve it all. We are focused on getting ahead and achieving success, but sometimes feel we need to be cloned to reach the productivity levels required. But often, we are derailing our own productivity.

I know for myself, one of the struggles I face daily is productivity, not because I am inefficient or incapable, but because the workplace is fraught with obstacles that derail it. Being a working mum has magnified this and dropped it in front of me like a daily flashing billboard. My office time is limited and precious and I need to make every moment count.  These are my four top tips to help you get the most from your time and your work day:

Get comfortable with delegating

The old saying ‘if you want it done right, do it yourself’ just isn’t your friend long term in the workplace.  Delegating your basic tasks to team members to provide them stretch opportunities will help free up your time. If they aren’t initially able to take these on, the investment in your time to up skill them is absolutely worth it.

Be the gate keeper of your time

The unfortunate reality is that most people in the workplace probably just don’t value your time as much as you do and it’s up to you to safe guard it. Don’t let people hijack your time for matters that aren’t urgent or important on days where your capacity is already stretched. Remember what your focus is.

Be self aware

Know and own the things that derail your attention and ability to be productive. The more aware of these things you are the easier it is to control them, internal or external. And also recognise when you just don’t have any more to give. Its better do ‘call It a day’ when you can, enjoy the down time and start fresh later, than waste time operating at half steam.

Choose your time to multi task

Sometimes mono tasking is better than multitasking. Whilst I know it sounds crazy, in a world with so much going on sometimes we just need to focus. Having ten things half started can often be more distracting and overwhelming than getting things done one at a time.

About Carly Green

A senior HR business partner, young mother and wife with an incomparable zest for life, Carly Green is an advocate for women in the workplace. Carly is a leader passionate about integrating motherhood and career and shares this with a broad network of professional females. Her personal mission: to show that you can successfully have both, if you want to.

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