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Are you in the wrong career?


Are the words“a career is not for ever sound familiar?  In the early years of our life we study, explore and spend time learning as much as we can about a career path that excites and inspires. But as the years pass, a career that had appeal seems to dissipate. Some of us know “our ladder is against the wrong wall”, others despair about the next stage of their professional life. It seems like the original path is no longer there for many. And this is common.

Is your ladder against the wrong wall?

I meet people around the age of 40 in many careers who say “I feel Stuck,” I do not know what to do to reinvigorate my career. And generally the challenge is about these two points. “My ladder is definitely against the wrong wall, the career I was inspired to study is not where I want to be, what do I do?”. Or in my career or business I have reached a stage where I have no idea how to move forward, develop, grow my career upwards, create new products, leverage my business in new directions, and I am Stuck!

Why this is similar to marriage

This place is no different than being in a marriage. After many years the joy and passion has disappeared. Do you stay or go? The same scenario in a career.When you get to this Wall it is important to find the best available professional support to creatively look at many ways you can turn around your path. And you may not need to leave your career,it is about injecting new life into your world. A bit like reviving a tired Broadway show, with new Sets, scenery and costumes.  Suddenly you have a show people now want to see. So how do you do it. Keep reading and I will reveal 3 essentials to Career revival.

Vision: neuroscience that works

When we are stuck our world becomes muddled and the old saying becomes true, “you cannot see the wood for the trees”. This is the time to create a Vision board.   My Coaching clients tell me this is the most important start to their sessions. So what you need to do is to create a Vision map which immediately unlocks the stuck part of yourself. Visioning allows you to remember past achievement and vision future desires. Especially when Classical music is used.It is important to by- pass the critical part of your brain and move into the creative YOU.

The world of Neuroscience research backs up the power of music and visioning to turn around challenges, find new inspiration that you never thought possible. Suddenly your career or business not going anyway has new potential. I remember a client in the Vision mapping section of the program unlocked her analytical brain to find herself creating a Vision of a sassy sexy bike for women.(it had been a thought for many years) This product is in trial mode. Another saw herself move out from a beige job that was going nowhere within 3 months she had another job with a 30% salary increase. She is a different woman now, vibrant, looks fabulous and wears the best heels. Get YOUR Vision happening.

Voice of authority

Once we put together our Vision and see the potential to either leverage our career path within an organization, leave it or grow a business it is important to engage with our Mindset.A Voice that embraces and speaks from a place of knowledge and confidence.  I find most women undersell themselves, this drives me nuts at times. Especially when I see high level clients telling me they are not competent to move up in their career. I say “well the Vision board you have created shows a new level you”.

Our inner guidance system, (we all have one) does not lie.And at the core you need a strong sense of self- belief and self- worth. And if this is lacking it definitely can be learnt. What we need to do is become conscious of the thought patterns that have been present most of our lives and are stopping us. For example, “I always stuff this up under pressure’. “I am not qualified for this role”,“I believe I am a fraud and not the best person for this job”. I hear these words constantly.

So I make sure my clients start working on effective strategies to diffuse this language and move ahead. We all have pesky mindset challenges, so if you want to move out of Stuckness get into bed with them, and, reframe negative thought patterns.

Action plan

This is the section where you put your career or business on steroids. You commit to moving out of the place you are in, and get support. Become accountable and make a plan to leave your job, move your career further ahead in your current job or open up a new and improved part of your business.

Exciting, scary and you have to do it.  Or do you want to say at the end of this year or the next, “if only I had turned my career or business around, I would not be in this dismal place”. So set some goals, small ones to start with. For example, at the end of the week what will you have done to research new careers, sections of your business. Make yourself absolutely accountable, if you don’t you will get zero results. No different to going to a personal trainer every week if you want to lose weight and become fitter. No excuse, you turn up, do stuff and in a few weeks feel so much better. The same with your career.

We are all responsible for where we are in our lives regardless of the obstacles in the way. Many times those who have had shocking challenges are the ones who have the guts and courage to move and start again. Create a plan, seek professional help of the highest level and commit to where you want to be at the end of 2017.

To assist in creating new career growth or business directions I would like to offer readers of Business Woman Media a 15-minute complimentary Power coaching session. Click on this link and I look forward to helping you get moving out of Stuckness.

Go well and speak to you soon. Sally.

About Sally Arnold

Sally Arnold is an award winning author, speaker and business coach who specialises in moving individuals and organisations out of ‘stuckness’. She is able to turn around challenges towards resolution and success through her innovative business Creating Encores. Sally began her professional life as a flautist, launched her own successful gourmet cookware shop, and was then headhunted by a Melbourne store to reinvigorate their homewares department. Combining this business experience with her passion for the performing arts, she won the coveted role of Head of Business Development at The Australian Ballet. Fascinated by the successful mindset techniques of high-performing artists, she became aware of how well they could be translated into the business world to bring creative solutions to business challenges. She has also trained as a psychotherapist. Sally’s personal journey through enormous highs and challenging lows has been woven into the structure and learning in her book “Creating Encores”, published in 2013.

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