Kyla L. Tennin

Kyla L. Tennin, DM(c)(Hons), MBA, BA is the President and Global CEO for the conglomerate Lady Mirage Global, founded the enterprise, works with Fortune 100 and 500 corporations, and has worked with the firm for 15 years. Kyla’s career background is in the financial services industry at 3 banks and 1 alternative lending financial institution, in front office at brick-and-mortar branches and in back office in operations, consumer banking, and business banking. Prior to financial services, she worked for well known retail, hospitality, food & beverage, health care, and health insurance companies, completing practitioner doctorate courses and a 485 page dissertation on executives in multinational and global corporations with honors. Companies she worked “for” in the past in various sectors prepared her for businesses she now works “with” as clients. Lastly, Kyla is the recipient of over 30 organizational awards with the majority of them from the financial services industry as a consistent top performer for sales, product knowledge, business development, customer service, and quality assurance. You can find Kyla on Instagram and Facebook.