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A guide to becoming an interim manager


Interim management is on the rise in today’s more fluid business world, where companies are changing structures more often than ever – and workplace roles have to change quickly to accommodate that.

All this means that there is a new career path for those who want to keep mobile: the interim manager or executive.

There are a lot of benefits to working within an interim executive role. However, it’s not a career that’s commonly talked about, so knowing how to get into it and what it actually involves can take a lot of research.

To help, here you’ll discover a brief guide to becoming an interim manager. Discover what the role involves, its benefits and how to snag yourself a position in this competitive field.

What is an interim manager?

An interim manager is practically like a freelancer. They come into companies, usually during times of change, to help manage the business temporarily. The positions are often undertaken during short notice and there are a number of reasons you might be needed. These include:

  • To cover maternity leave or staff absence
  • To fill a skills gap during times of change
  • To temporarily step in until a permanent manager is found

Interim managers always work on a temporary basis. Once their tasks are complete, they move onto another company. So, it’s a very varied job role which enables you to work with many different businesses over the course of your career.

As for the types of jobs you’ll be expected to do, it could be suggesting ways to improve the company’s processes. You may also be required to provide advice on sensitive issues, as well as work on new strategies designed to boost productivity.

What benefits can you expect?

Although there are risks involved with becoming an interim manager, the role also delivers a lot of benefits.

The variety of the role is one of the main benefits that attracts people to this type of career. No two jobs will be the same. You’ll meet a lot of different people, work with different types of companies and carry out different tasks on a daily basis. So, if you find you tend to get bored quite quickly doing the same thing, this is definitely a good career choice for you.

It’s also a flexible position. You’ll have flexibility over the jobs you take on. This includes choosing who you work with, how long the positions last for and where you work. Thanks to its flexibility, you’ll be able to develop a better work and life balance.

How can you snag an interim manager role?

Still interested in taking this particular career path? You’ll find specialist recruitment agencies can connect you with interim HR jobs. First however, you need to make sure you have the relevant experience and qualifications. This should include some managerial experience, alongside relevant HR qualifications.

The above is just a brief guide on becoming an interim manager and what it involves. It’s a great career to get into and offers a lot of benefits. Why not start by ensuring you have the right qualifications and skills for the role?

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