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How to be a boss in your own oval office


Some people seem to have everything it takes to be a boss. In the corporate setting, there’s always somebody who stands out from the rest such that when that person walks into a room, people notice the presence right away. Often, it all boils down to a person’s image, personality, and behavior that make all the difference.

Here are a few tips on how to look and act like a boss at work:

1. Get a makeover

An image makeover can be a great confidence booster for you. Corporate managers swear by the positive aura that power dressing brings, especially when you have to face executives at the senior level.

When you feel comfortable with the way you look, you’re more likely to become more assertive and certain in your actions, too.

If you’re used to wearing casual office attire, you might have to consider ditching your jeans, flats, and loafers, and go for a more sophisticated look in terms of hairstyle, suits and dresses, shoes, and accessories instead. Female executives could also use some makeup to complete the professional look.

2. Make your presence count

As mentioned earlier, some individuals are more successful at making their presence felt around people. It may very well be due to acquiring and mastering certain behaviors that executive advisers call “executive presence.”

Notice how executive officers stand, walk, sit straight, avoid clasping their hands behind their back, and give a firm handshake. They’re also likely to give it some time before responding to something that’s being discussed (to make sure the previous speaker will not be interrupted), usually speaking in a concise manner.

Adopting these gestures and behaviors may help you convey the idea among your staff that you’re in control of the existing situation, which is one of the characteristics that make a great leader.

3. Keep your office organized

Your office should look as kept as possible as well since it’s the physical representation of your personage. It should reflect your ability to organize your working space, which can also speak volumes about how you would establish order in your department’s systems and processes.

Make sure your desk is free of clutter and shoddy ornaments. You could set up your cubicle or station in such a way that you get a good, clear view of the entire team’s operations without really putting your employees on the spot.

You might also want to switch to digital organizers or apps instead of the traditional desk calendars in plotting your schedule of meetings, deadlines, and important events you shouldn’t miss out. The idea is to use technology to help you work smarter and faster at the same time.

4. Think with a mogul mindset

You must think like a VIP to act like one. This means you need to really internalize your position as a mover and shaker of your organization, displaying professional work ethics and a strong sense of discipline for everyone to follow.

You should never condone mediocrity. Instead, set standards of excellence among your employees. There should be no distractions when you work such as lingering on social media and frequent personal visits included to ensure that you, yourself, adhere to the order of business for the day. Coming to work on time should be second nature to you then.

Indeed, the most successful leaders in the workplace are made, not born. Act with confidence, develop a distinct style, and be a real pro.

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Rocky Chan is a lawyer and business consultant for Enterph. He excels in corporate formation, immigration procedures, and client relations. His success reaches over 200 multinational clients across a wide range of industries.

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