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How to enhance your business skills through online learning


Business skills often get restricted to a person’s ability to transact successfully with direct financial gain. But, essentially, these two words cover a lot more. Business Skills span over a wide variety of subjects like project management, resource management, entrepreneurship, leadership, people management and lot more.

Do you want to acquire such valuable skills through hurdles in real life? The most effective way to safely grasp them is thorough learning. And with the power of internet and renowned online learning platforms like Learning Cloud, it’s never been easier before.

Irrespective of the industry, there’re some key pointers on what you might need to learn about the business area through online learning. Here’s a list curated just for you:

Core business skills

Are you looking to sharpen your mind on the areas directly involved with your business operations? You should watch out for courses like the following:

  • Basic and advanced project management
  • Advertising and promoting
  • Creating and managing a corporate brand successfully
  • Process management and resource management as relevant to your industry
  • Planning and strategizing for the best marketing approach – online and offline
  • Supply chain management fundamentals
  • Setting up reliable and efficient customer support services
  • Change management including succession plans
  • Establishing best practices etc.

Finance related skills

For any business, finance is one of its main gears. Looking for helpful courses on finance and accounting stuff? Check out courses like the ones below on Learning Cloud to get a clear understanding of how it all fits in:

  • Business finance for beginners
  • Understanding Accounts, Admin and Payroll
  • Figuring out investment strategies and stock options
  • Basics of bookkeeping for small business
  • Overall money management etc.

Technical skills

Utilising technology to trump your competitors might require you to learn:

  • Online marketing strategies including Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Telemarketing etc.
  • Website development with scope for smart (multi-device) accessibility and future scalability
  • Brand building campaigns
  • Identifying scope of research and innovation

Soft skills

Soft skills are often overlooked by business owners as their effects are not directly measurable in tangible terms. But in the long run, customers will definitely value a company with a culture of advanced soft skills much above its market competitors. Focus on courses like:

  • Facilitating and encouraging effective trainings
  • Keys to effective business communication at different levels of the organisation
  • Building a better team through frontline leadership
  • HR management
  • Boosting business etiquettes for excellent customer service
  • Creating awareness on business ethics
  • Benefits of active listening

Legal compliance skills

Even though it’s always recommended to consult a certified professional for any concern in the legal compliance area, it’s quite helpful to know the basics yourself. Try to get acquainted with courses like:

  • Basics of workers compensation
  • Workplace health and safety norms
  • Relevant laws for start-ups and small businesses
  • Legal terminology

If you’re up for the challenge, Learning Cloud is here to help you at every step of your exciting journey in the business arena. Give it a shot for empowerment through online courses by Learning Cloud and see your business boom!

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Jill Wells is a business analyst specialising in research and advice on how to make the most of today’s changing business climate.

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