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5 Reasons conservation should be at the forefront of business


Now more than ever the impact we all have on our environment and the increase issue of global warming is becoming progressively more important. Not only is it individuals who are looking to reduce their environmental impact, but business as well.  Businesses are increasingly looking to lessen their impact, for the perspective of meeting customer demands and as a necessity to ensure the survival of our planet and the animals that Majestic Whale Encounters are working so hard to educate people about.  As a business owner myself, below are my top tips for business looking to reduce their environmental impact.


Research has shown that over the last 200 years, Australia has lost 75% of its rainforests and nearly 50% of all forests (fnpw, 2019) meaning the balance of healthy biodiversity that includes fresh water, clean air, healthy soil and new sources of medicine is under constant fire.  Even though this issue doesn’t necessarily directly affect our day-to-day lives, this issue needs to be everyone’s responsibility.  Simple swaps that span from keep-cups to paper-less offices’ are considerations that are imperial to minimising your companies’ footprint on Mother Nature.


With more and more individuals becoming increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment, so are their purchase decisions.

Businesses who implement and make use of eco-friendly packaging and practices are now finding themselves preferential to those who don’t. Promoting environmentally friendly methods can set your business apart and attract consumers who wish to support environmentally friendly businesses.

Inspiring the next generation:

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is seeing the look on people’s faces after encountering a humpback or orca. Knowing they are coming away from a holiday with a newfound respect and level of education on the conservation of these creatures and their environments is added bonus.  Likewise, I believe that when a business possesses a culture that puts their environmental impact and consciousness at the forefront inspires both existing ad potential employee’s.  This is just one of the many ways that a company can positively influence and inspire the next generation to share this value.

Business dominates

As of June 2018, Australia currently had 2.3 million actively trading business, an increase from 3.4% from the previous year.  With this in mind, resources that are pivotal factors to the running of a business such as transport, power, water and electricity are all impacted.  Now more than ever, business owners need to be aware of not only how much their businesses are contributing global warming but policies and procedures in place to minimise the effects that these business have on the environment.


Whilst it’s a known fact that businesses use an enormous amount of energy for day-to-day operation, tracking where exactly this energy is being used is essential to managing energy usage within business. Almost all energy providers now have tracking tools that can be used from devices to assist in tracking your usage and understanding where improvements need to be made. Not only can this cut down costly bills but also assist in minimising your businesses environmental impact.

The state of our environment globally needs everyones attention. Whilst changes don’t have to be massive nor implemented immediately, making the conscious effort to seamlessly work these into your long-term business plan is a vital step in the right direction.

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About Carmen Ellis'

Carmen Ellis is the founder of the eco-travel company Majestic Whale Encounters. Her career began working with Australian Native Wildlife at a wildlife park in Sydney, where she cared for and hand raised many cute furry Aussie Critters. This then turned to working with animals of the larger variety in Zoos, where she cared for the highly endangered Greater One Horn Rhino, the Siamang Apes, Oriental Small Clawed Otters, Prezwalski Horses, and Bison just to name a few. Her love of the ocean however always brought her back to her passion for Marine Mammals in particular Whales and Dolphins.

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