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Entry level jobs that pay well: 7 highly paid starter roles


This guide outlines seven of the top entry level jobs that pay well in today’s employment landscape. We also explain why high paying entry level jobs are increasing in the current employment enviroment.

The lack of labor to carry out certain services considered entry level, basic or heavy has generated an atypical situation in the labor market. In some cases, workers with little education receive higher salaries than those paid to professionals with a higher education level. According to the OECD employment data and research, it is currently a positive reversal of values ​​for the trend in the labor market.

Current ads in some states, for example, offer a salary of just over $800 per week for a surveyer’s assistant who has a college degree or who is attending college. Meanwhile, a cafe bar pays $1,300, plus benefits, for those who want to work as a barista.

And it’s the market trend. Today, due to the greater offer of credit and the intention of people to have a degree and a higher education course, many professionals have left trde positions such as electricians, bricklayers and janitors to pursue a higher education course. This made this professionals for this trade field become scarce. As a result, the price of labor goes up, even for the apprentices, to that trade and they become Cincinnati entry level jobs that pay well. On the other hand, there is a surplus of graduated professionals. Not everyone with a degree is absorbed by the market and thus the salary for those areas is reduced.

The post-pandemic employment landscape has added to this with the phenomenon known as the Great Resignation, in which hordes of people rethought their priorities during the covid lockdowns, and decided to resign their jobs. This has left many businesses and companies short of staff, and struggling to find people to fill the vacant positions, offering even more entry level jobs that pay well.

The difficulty of finding workers for certain areas of basic services generates this type of situation and, even with attractive wages, some vacancies — such as bricklayers and gardeners — take a long time to be filled, and they also become entry level jobs that pay well.

All of this is a question of supply and demand in the labor market. So, it’s natural to see these entry level jobs that pay well with higher salaries and sometimes also attaractive employee benefits. Contrary to this, in areas such as business administration, law and social communication, where the number of professionals trained every year is greater than the number of vacancies generated by the market, salaries end up suffering a retraction.

7 top entry level jobs that pay well

Entry level jobs that pay well: Sales representative

A sales representative sells products to companies or institutions on behalf of a manufacturer or wholesaler. This professional is a great ally of the organization they work for because they are responsible for the prominence of the product or service in the market and in relation to the competition. They are the link between the brand and the customers. Furthermore, because, as the name says, it “represents” the company in its relationship with the potential public, it becomes an important part of the brand ‘s image and positioning.

Entry level jobs that pay well: Gardener

The initial care of a garden is carried out on the ground, by a gardener. Even small gardens need soil suitable for the development of the species to be cultivated, it being up to the gardener to choose fertilizers, prepare the substrate and do whatever is necessary so that the soil presents adequate fertility to receive the chosen species.

Pruning and watering are also attributions of the gardener, but they are not the only ones. The care with the plants must be constant, carried out in accordance with the planning of this professional. In many cases, pruning can acquire an aesthetic character, but it can also be necessary to ensure that the plants are always healthy. Ensuring a good cleaning is one of the ways to get a well-kept garden.

Entry level jobs that pay well: Data entry operator

Data entry is the act of transcribing some form of information onto another medium, usually through input into a computer program. The forms of data that people can transcribe include handwritten documents, information from spreadsheets and sequences of numbers, as well as computer codes and even names and addresses.

Some careers are exclusively involved in data entry, while certain workers, such as programmers, may have to occasionally enter data while performing other tasks. Anyone interested in this career should be cautious, however, as there are many “opportunities” online that are actually scams and not legitimate jobs.

Entry level jobs that pay well: Social media manager

Responsible for taking care of communication and relationships, the social media manager is the one who plans, operationalizes, interacts and analyzes the results of actions on social media digital channels. Therefore, it has become more and more requested.

Professions involving the management of social media are on the rise, and the social media manager recently topped the LinkedIn list of emerging professions.

Entry level jobs that pay well: Personal assistant

A personal assistant dedicates her or his career to helping a corporate employee, often providing a combination of professional advice and administrative support. Although the responsibilities associated with the job vary depending on the culture that prevails in a particular company, there are some basic tasks that all assistants perform.

Most of them are related to secretarial work, scheduling and managing contacts. Many executives treat their assistants as inspiration sources — seeking ideas, recommendations, and confidential help, and they help with everything from photocopying to press briefings.

Entry level jobs that pay well: Database administrator

A database administrator is responsible for server administration, performance monitoring, routine checking, in addition to ensuring work processes are followed correctly. This employee will also take care of some of the KPIs established by the company, identifying and solving certain problems. Often they will also manage requests to the coding team or database analysts to extract information from the database.

Entry level jobs that pay well: Marketing associate

The day-to-day duties of a marketing associate vary depending on the size of the company and the individual’s working time. In most cases, a marketing associate is considered a reasonably entry level starting position and that person will provide administrative support for a marketing department or as part of a larger marketing company. In some situations, however, an individual with more experience or education will perform more tasks directly related to marketing, such as doing market research or editing a copy after it is written. This person can also participate in corporate events or even be responsible for planning them.

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