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How planning to fail limits you and your financial success


Let me start by being blunt; I am a recovering perfectionist. So that means that for me everything used to be about getting it perfect or die trying. Moreover, with that mindset, of course, I always had a plan for everything, including failing.

That also meant that I usually was much more worried about failing than about succeeding, (as I avoided failing so much) and therefore, my planning was always about failing. Well more precisely, about mind tripping about all the possible (terrible) scenarios where I failed and trying to do everything possible to avoid them. So basically, I was planning to fail and NEVER to succeed.

That meant that I had to overthink and overprepare. I was using all my energy and resources to avoid failure, and not to succeed.

What if you started to plan for success? I don’t mean to start using money before it gets to you, and I am not implying these Pollyanna scenarios where everything will be perfect, and there will be no obstacles. But just consider what if you could allow things to be much greater than everything that you imagined?

We can dream about having a big business, but we don’t prepare for it. Let’s imagine that you have been dreaming of having 200 new people a week to come into your business that means 800 people a month. What if you succeeded? Do you have the time to serve them? Do you have the service level to make them come back? What would that look like? What can you be or do differently to make this happen and use it to your advantage?

I find it very interesting how many new businesses fail for being too successful. They are ready to fail; they prepare the contracts to make sure the fall will not be too harsh but are seldom prepared to be too successful, where the staff is not enough, where they can barely catch up, where they have to lose control of their activity.

Let’s talk about control. What would happen if you couldn’t control your money flows just because of the sheer quantity and you needed a whole team to do it? Are you feeling uncomfortable yet? What if you had to hire a group of 20 people that you didn’t know or trust with your business? Sometimes it is much more comfortable to have the level of activity and money where you can control everything, than, let say 100 times more? It seems to be a relief in people’s world when they don’t achieve what they dream.

I have another question for you: do you spend your life looking at your successes, or do you spend your life looking at your failures? Which one is more real to you?”

I have news for you, if you look at where you’ve failed so that you won’t fail again, all you’ve done is to set up the place where you will fail again.

So, let’s say I have convinced you, and now you have a new question on your mind – how to plan for success? I propose these four things that you can use every day to be prepared for success:

  1. Be grateful for everything.

Instead of reviewing all the things you like and what you don’t, what if you chose to have gratitude for everything that shows up, no matter how good, bad or ugly? Then you can have a new awareness of what works for you and what doesn’t, and you can act, and choose accordingly.

  1. Follow the joy.

Are you excited about your business and your project, or are you feeling trapped, bored, or anxious? What could you add to it to make it exciting? Maybe it is something as simple as a walk in the park to consider new ideas, and sometimes it’s a whole new system to make things work for you and the business.

  1. Ask questions.

Do you know what you would like to have? Do you know how much money it would require to create what you desire? What does it take to generate the funds, the business, and the living you would like to have? What would you need to do (or stop doing) to be successful? Whom would you need to add? Where are the income sources to make that happen? Whom can you call to get the information you require? When you start asking these questions, you can begin to be clear about what it takes to be successful, and you can change and adapt to make it happen.

  1. Be willing to be honest with you and be and do what is required.

What if you stopped dreaming and started creating? Ask yourself the hard questions, beginning with what would you want to create? What does success look like for you? Also, then, look out for the “because” and “except” those are the justifications you are using to keep preparing for failure and to not get what you want. When you find one, look at what is beneath that idea, maybe something you learned at home? Perhaps a teacher told you that in high school? If those things were not real, what could you choose now? What do you know that nobody else knows and that is crucial for you to be successful?

What if success and failure were both choices, and you are the only one with the power to create them as your life?

About Elena Blanco

With over 20 years of experience in executive roles within world class corporations, Elena Blanco is a skilled communicator and negotiator. She has created and lead high-performing teams and successful business strategies both in the public and private sectors. She is an entrepreneur, with an international practice where she coaches others on how to change their lives for the better. She is a Wealth Creators Anonymous facilitator, a special program of Access Consciousness, and a business coach with an MSc. in Economics. Her unique combination of corporate experience, coaching and entrepreneurship, along with her passion for creating a greater world, gives her the capabilities to empower others to create more in their lives and businesses.

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