Fleet management software can save money: Matrack vs Samsara


This guide outlines the factors in fleet management software systems like Matrack and Samsara to help you choose. The second-largest expense category for fleet transportation companies is fuel, after payroll. Fleet owners can learn when and how their cars are being used by using GPS tracking in fleet management software systems.

Inadequate driving practices, including abrupt acceleration and speeding, can reduce fuel economy and raise costs. Fuel expenditures can increase by unauthorized vehicle use. 

A GPS tracking system can notify management of unauthorized use through time-of-use limitations and calendar templates. You may also cut your fuel costs by making sure drivers take the shortest routes possible to their destinations. Your team can ensure to assign assignments to the closest vehicle, travel on the most efficient routes & minimizing fuel use if they have access to route planning and dispatching tools. In this article, we will talk about the industry leaders in the fleet management software systems. 

Fleet management software technology

Today’s world uses GPS (Global Positioning System) technology regularly. For instance, GPS tags are present in contemporary cell phones, satellite navigation devices, and pet microchips. The system uses a network of satellites that orbit around our planet. It sends, receives & processes the data, and helps locate an object or the coordinates of a person.

Initially created in the 1960s for US military use, in 1983, GPS technology was eventually made accessible to the general public. Today, GPS is used for several purposes worldwide — from high-end military training to tracking pet dogs or looking for directions. 

Businesses in the transportation sectors, such as trucking and car services, frequently utilize the fleet management system. GPS fleet tracking can help to monitor firm assets, such as vehicles, equipment, and drivers. GPS fleet management software systems (telematics) give businesses access to vital information about their fleets, driver performance, and the location of their goods and equipment in almost real-time.

Knowing a GPS can help you comprehend how it can save expenses for your company (such as fuel use), manage vehicle maintenance, keep an eye on your mobile workforce, and uphold driver compliance and safety. The monitoring of company vehicles can be included in the use of GPS trackers for fleet tracking, which helps improve and optimize business operations.

Modern GPS fleet management software systems use GPS trackers attached to a company’s fixed assets in conjunction with cloud-based platforms. Specifically automobiles/trucks. Using a specific handheld GPS gadget or a cloud-based app, one may track vehicles, HGVs, and vans in real-time. Users would be able to view real-time positions across PCs, tablets, and mobile devices thanks to a cloud-based app, which is typical for high-quality asset monitoring systems. Fleet managers may gain a thorough overview of all corporate cars in real-time by deploying a GPS fleet tracking system.

Fleet management software systems: Matrack vs Samsara

You need some sort of tracking hardware, like electronic logging devices, to gather information about the vehicle and the driver (ELDs). You may pick different gadget kinds according to your tracking need. 

Hardwired and plug-and-play trackers are both common types of trackers. In-cab cameras, environmental monitors, asset trackers, trailer trackers, emergency and privacy buttons, and ID card readers are the additional accessories you can install. While looking for a GPS tracker for fleet management software systems, you can find yourself in a sea of products. 

We have narrowed the available options and products into two of the best in the market — Samsara, and Matrack. This article will take you through a comparative journey of these trackers so you can opt for the best. Let us take a look!

Why Matrack?

Although there are a variety of fleet management systems available in the US market, Matrack continues to stay on top. It provides GPS fleet management solutions for the trucking sector, which constantly strives to offer customers cutting-edge technology at the most competitive price, backed by world-class customer care. 

Matrack can help you keep your fleet operational, give precise ETAs and monitor your personnel and assets. It provides you with real-time tracking and improves fleet visibility. You can stay in constant contact with your car or asset with- real-time tow alerts, ignition on/off, low battery, speed alerts, and other alerts. Recover quickly in the event of theft.

  • MA-OBD Plug-In – 

A great way to track any vehicle made after 1996. Self-installed plug-and-play hardware that takes less than 10 seconds to set up.

  • MA-Hardwire – 

A covert, impervious technology made specifically for fleets and transport services.

  • MA-Weatherproof Hardwire – 

A stealthy, waterproof, tamper-proof device that is run off the vehicle or asset’s battery.

  • Some of the trailer trackers include-
  1. MA-Asset Classic GPS Trailer Tracker.
  2. MA-Hardwire Classic GPS Trailer Tracker.
  3. MA-Hardwire Silver GPS Trailer Tracker

Product Highlights

MA OBD Plug-In
  • Size : 1.2in x 2.7in x4.1in
  • OBD II Supported: J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, ISO-9141-2, ISO-14230 KWP2000, ISO-15765 CAN
  • Power Requirement : D.C Power 6-18V, GSM 850 35mA average @12V, GSM 1900 30mA average @12V
  • Weight : <2 oz
  • Physical Connection: OBD Connector J1962, GPS Antenna Integrated, Cellular Antenna Integrated quad-band
  • Certifications: PTCRB, FCC
  • Operating Temperature -30°C to +70°C, 

It is an effective way to track any vehicle. It is fully connected with the On Board Diagnostics system, allowing you to keep track of any issues with vehicle health or performance. Just connect it to the OBD port on your car (located in all vehicles built after 1996). Our go-to plugin OBD2 tool is the MA-OBD Classic. This hardware component fits directly into your car’s computer and enables you to examine the precise information gathered by its internal systems, such as Diagnostics. Although not intended for Freightliner, this GPS tracker is useful for fleets like driving schools, automobile rental agencies, limousine services, etc. Its structure and shell give it weatherproof and water resistance. Simple, reliable, and with protracted battery life is the MA-Asset Classic.

Software Highlights

  • Reports on real-time tracking and travel logs- This in-depth reporting system is simple to understand and provides information on the engine’s status, coordinates, street address, battery level, speed, and other factors.
  • Geofencing Method- Virtually define a perimeter around any spot. Receive notifications as soon as the truck passes the fence. Per account, create up to 10 geofences.
  • Fuel Tax Reports from IFTA – Interstate commercial vehicles must file IFTA fuel tax reports. These reports are computed using the distance traveled through each state about the fuel purchases. It calculates and gives you these reports based on our data records, so you don’t have to.
  • Roadside Assistance by BLINK – To offer you the most effective emergency services possible, Matrack Inc. has teamed up with BLINK Roadside Assistance. 
  • The Dispatch Manager solution can help you make running fleet and transportation enterprises more efficient. You can integrate this service with your Matrack GPS tracking software to organize all jobs and deliveries, maximize your company’s fuel economy, prioritize tasks, assign duties and deliveries to different drivers, and automatically map out the best routes from job to job.

Why Samsara?

Samsara is great fleet management software systems for small businesses. It is not only a reliable GPS tracking solution we examined, but it also provides an industry-specific and tailored program to your particular requirements. It also offers one of the broadest options for tracking hardware and accessories, allowing you to select the tools you need to keep an eye on your fleet. Among the businesses we evaluated, Samsara is the only one to provide real-time reporting and tracking, which is crucial for many small enterprises. You can read a detailed review of the product on yourbestfleet.


  • Dual-Facing AI Dash – The Samsara Cloud receives automatic HD video uploads from the CM32 Dual-facing Dash Cam.
  • The Vehicle Gateway- offers advanced analytics, driver workflows, live GPS monitoring, FMCSA-registered ELD capabilities, engine diagnostics, a built-in WiFi hotspot, and more.
  • The AG46 Unpowered Asset Gateway makes monitoring mobile assets, including intermodal containers, inexpensive trailers, dumpsters, construction machinery, light towers, and generators easier.
  • The AG46P Asset Tracking IoT Gateway is perfect for keeping an eye on powered machinery, flatbed trailers, and dry vans. It has several built-in power options, a waterproof and ruggedized shell, and other features.
  • Samsara also has a range of accessories like Cases, Panic buttons, Door Immobilizers, etc., for your fleet to keep them safe.

Product Highlights 

Vehicle Getaway OBD Tracker
  • INTERFACE: J1962/OBD-II, J1939 (type 1 and 2), J1708 (non-diagnostic, power only)
  • Compatible with: EM-series wireless temperature monitors
  • LTE: quad-band 2/4/5/12. 3G: dual-band 2/5.
  • Integrated WiFi hotspot: (802.11g/n, 2.4Ghz)
  • Internet connectivity secured via SSL with 256-bit AES encryption
  • Vehicle on: 1.8W typical power draw.
  • Vehicle off: 396mW sleep mode
  • Size: 4.6 x 2.7 x 1.0 inches
  • Weight: 118g
  • Operating Temperature: -40° to 85°C
  • Price: Get Quoted Price (start at $100 per unit and $30 per vehicle per month) 

Software Highlights

  • Samsara provides all the tools to track your fleet and ensure legal compliance with rules like the ELD requirement, IFTA, and DVIR.
  • You can receive real-time code warnings, monitor engine diagnostics (such as fuel consumption, idle time, preventative reminders, and over-the-air diagnostics), and schedule proactive vehicle maintenance. 
  • Samsara provides connectivity with FleetCor-issued gasoline cards. It is a beneficial feature and can lower your overall fuel costs. 
  • By setting up geofences with alerts, following your fleet in real-time with helicopter view, and gaining access to video from AI dashcams, your managers and admins can keep a watch on your fleet.
  • You can use Samsara’s driver coaching with in-cab feedback and video-based instruction if driver performance and safety are your top concerns. 
  • Additionally, you can utilize the brand-new driver workflows that Samsara just made available. 
  • Drivers may access end-of-day activities like certifying logs, integrate third-party actions, and establish bespoke workflows. This automated advice can enhance the experience of your drivers and boost compliance and safety.


The differences between the two brands are hardly distinguishable for any fleet management software systems. In one or the other category, each has an advantage. In the hopes of assisting you, this article explains everything since the choice ultimately comes down to the kind of trucks you use in your fleet, the total number of vehicles, and your needs and budget.

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