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When women are disrespected publicly and society does nothing about it


How can we tell our children that making fun of someone is not okay — but if you can make money out of doing it, that makes it okay?

In case you missed it, multiple media outlets considered it appropriate to headline that mining mogul Gina Rinehart had a shocking fall down the stairs at the famed Melbourne Cup race festival held in Melbourne.

How can we as a society be in an uproar about the gender pay gap or trying to smash glass ceilings — or even to have men stop beating up their partners — when we have an all male group (aka The Chasers) producing vile articles making fun of a woman.

Even though I am reluctant to share their article, I deem it necessary to showcase it as an example of EXACTLY what is wrong with our society.


Suggesting a woman be euthanised as if she were a horse??


Are you kidding me??


Just because a media team calls it humor, it is okay? If people laugh and you make money off it, it’s okay?

It is NOT okay. I repeat. IT IS NOT OK.

This is a woman. Regardless of her financial situation or media profile, Gina Rinehart is someone’s mother and grandmother. Humiliating her is only teaching our younger generation that it is okay to bully others or make fun of them.

This is not how women should be profiled in the media. Where is the compassion? Why aren’t we headlining the people who helped someone in need?

Disgusted to the core.

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