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Maximize chances to show leadership skills examples with these strategies


How far away are we from actual gender equality in the workforce? Here is a fact that makes that clear: only 32 of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. In percentages, that’s 6.4%. Strangely enough, that is a record number of women in elite leadership in the 63-year history of Fortune 500. Why is this the case? Are women worse leaders than men? Are they less interested in careers in leadership? Or do they just have fewer chances to show leadership skills examples?

Everyone benefits from having more women in leadership roles, but finding women leaders in the workplace can be difficult. Be the change you would like to see by positioning yourself as a leader in your workplace!

Being a leader means more than being a boss. Whether you’re hoping for a promotion or you want management to see you as a rising star in the company, these tips will help you show everyone in the office that you’re ready to take on more leadership roles, regardless of your position.

Strategies to show leadership skills example and enhance your potential

Strategically volunteer

One of the best ways to show you have what it takes with leadership skills examples is to volunteer to take on big projects. However, that doesn’t mean you should take on any and every project that you can. Instead, you should be strategic about what you volunteer for.

For example, you might skip a simple, easy project that no one important is going to notice. Instead, you might choose to say yes to a big project that other members of your team are worried about volunteering for because there’s a tight deadline or the scope of the project is large.

Not only can you find ways to volunteer at work, you can also look for volunteer opportunities outside of work. When you choose the right ones, like becoming a charity board member or volunteering your skills to nonprofits, you’ll find that more leadership opportunities come your way.

Increase Your Visibility

If you want to be seen as a leader, you have to make sure people in the office know you exist and you’re willing to take on the role! That means letting your supervisor see you can show leadership skills examples by taking on certain projects, but it also means looking for other ways to raise your visibility in the office.

A few ideas to show leadership skills examples for visibility include:

  • Ask to represent your team or department at meetings and planning committees
  • Look for opportunities to use your skills to help coworkers and others in the office
  • Take additional classes and ask if there are seminars you can attend
  • Consider starting a group or get involved in an existing group in the office

Don’t be afraid to speak up

Speaking up can be hard. Sharing your ideas in front of a group during a meeting can be nerve racking and running things by your supervisor can make you nervous because you may worry about what they think. However, if you want to be viewed as a leader, you can’t be afraid to share your ideas!

If you struggle to share your ideas, especially in a group setting, there other ways you can share what you’re thinking. Consider sending an email to the appropriate person when an idea strikes you, or ask if you can stop by your supervisor’s office to talk about an idea in private. The more confidence you build sharing your ideas one-on-one, the more likely you are to feel comfortable sharing them in larger groups and with other coworkers.

Avoid workplace gossip

There’s nothing wrong with engaging in a little office gossip with your coworkers. That is, until you want to take on a leadership role and those coworkers are suddenly required to take directions from you.

That doesn’t mean you have to stop talking to everyone in the office altogether! There are plenty of ways to shut down gossip without seeming rude so you can talk about other topics, like children, hobbies, and TV shows. After all, others are more likely to come to you when they feel comfortable around you, which means being friendly without spreading gossip is vital to the development of leaders in the workplace.

Don’t throw out work-life balance

If you think being a leader means focusing all of your attention on work, think again. Although it’s important to be focused on the job, it’s also important for leaders to maintain a work-life balance.

The only way to feel motivated and energized at work is to make sure you get time away from work too. Not to mention, employees appreciate working with leaders who understand that being a text message, phone call, or email away at all times isn’t necessary or productive. Demonstrate your ability to have a professional career and a vibrant personal life and others will notice in a good way.

Getting promoted and being in charge of a team are great ways to lead, but they aren’t the only ways women can become leaders in the workplace! If you’re ready to start flexing your leadership muscles, get started with these tips, no matter what your position or job description.

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