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Every hardworking businesswoman deserves an annual vacation


In today’s society, women have become as hardworking as their male counterparts in many fields of the economy, sometimes even more hardworking. This is one of the reasons why there are equal opportunities for women as there are for men in many sectors. But where businesswomen and career women often lag behind is in taking vacation time every year.

Hard to believe, isn’t it … after all, everyone loves a vacation. But not everyone is able to take one. There is a bit of a cultural divide with regard to vacationing. Some take one or two vacations every year without fail. Some of those vacations are quite large and elaborate. Others never get to take a vacation. They never get more than a 3-day weekend from time to time. And their income wouldn’t accommodate much more than a day trip to their favorite fishing hole no further than 45 minute drive.

Vacations are luxuries and should never be taken for granted. Treating them frivolously robs one of their many benefits. As humans living in the modern age, we need those benefits. It is not just about humble-bragging to your friends about being wealthy enough to tour Europe for a month. In fact that is one of the worst things about the way we treat vacationing. There was a time when vacations were retreats and sabbaticals and not photo ops. There were important things that needed to be accomplished during that time off. It is worth saving up your vacation time and putting it all together for one, long vacation every year. Here are some of the things that time will afford:

Time to Heal

Your body breaks down with use. Repetitive stress syndrome is a real problem that frequently plagues office workers who sit at a keyboard and type all day. If you don’t take a break, you can end up doing the kind of damage that leads to surgery. The same thing happens mentally and emotionally. Your mind suffers damage and also needs a break.

The time can also afford you an opportunity to seek drug rehab to start dealing with issues of addiction. If part of your addiction is due to the high stress of your daily grind, it will only get worse if you never take a break from the grind. Take the time to see a professional who can help. The more vacation time you can do in one shot, the better the treatment you can get.

Not all vacations have to be trips to Disneyland. Nor do they have to be tours of Italy’s wine country. Some vacations should be all about letting your mind and body heal from the strain of work and life. At the very least, it should be some part of every vacation. You should always come back feeling better than when you left.

Time to Let Go

One of the mistakes often made by driven women is that they fail to delegate effectively. They want to be large and in charge without ever showing a sign of weakness. They take the reins and never let them go. They hold on for dear life. This style of leadership is toxic and never ends well regardless of gender.

Your vacation should be a time when you let go of the wheel, literally and figuratively. Don’t drive. Let someone else do that. If you have a partner, let them plan the vacation. Make as few decisions as possible. Let other people take the reins. You have to understand that the world will not crash and burn if you are not in charge for a little while. A yearly reminder that it is okay to let go will ultimately make you a better leader.

Appreciate Diversity

All of the corporate diversity training in the world will not open your eyes to other people’s needs and issues like experiencing diversity in your own life. Take a vacation to some place where everyone does not look like you and dress like you and work in the same field as you. Break the echo chamber that tends to exacerbate hidden prejudices. Spend time making friends with other people in other places. We wouldn’t need diversity trying if we had diversity in our real lives.

Vacations are luxuries. But they can also serve important functions. Make sure your next vacation gives you time to heal, a chance to let go, and an opportunity to experience true diversity outside of a seminar. And if it so happens you get the chance to snap a selfie in front of a famous landmark, so much the better.


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