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Why good writing is crucial for your success


Now more than ever, the strength of your writing must be a priority. Everyone is fighting for the spotlight, particularly in the digital space. This means your proposals and presentations need to be engaging, and your website content needs to be the same.

Sure, you might have great grammar and punctuation skills. You might even be a good writer, but are you a good writer for your audience?

In many cases, businesses are very involved in their day-to-day operations. This can result in forgetting one very important task: knowing your audience.

Understanding your target market is important to crafting a message that is more likely to reach them and more importantly, engage them.

Like any other skill, improvement in writing comes with practice, practice, practice… it’s about writing and then polishing; evaluating whether it engages and informs the audience; and then polishing again.

If you are too busy to learn the skills of great writing, and let’s be honest it takes many years of practicing to get it NEARLY perfect, hire a content writer. Task someone to research your audience, sink into their shoes and write great, regular content.

So how can great writing benefit your business?

1. Turn your ‘dull’ website into something energetic and capturing. A content writer can turn your copy into something your audience can relate to. Give them what they really care about and get straight to the point!
2. Create engaging content on social media that fosters conversation. Post things your audience want to hear and they will talk back! The power of targeted words on social media is incredible for business development.
3. Create a newsletter. Create useful information that your audience will appreciate. A newsletter will also be a subtle reminder to your customers to keep checking your website. This way they are able to see your updated posts and new services. Keep the communication going!
4. Give your brochures and advertisements a re-fresh thanks to a fresh pair of eyes! Receive some new ideas from a content writer that may just be the key to reaching your audience.

The impact of good writing can have a tremendous effect on your business. Having a targeted, consistent writing style across all of your communication channels ensures your business runs smoothly. Clarity, good grammar, spelling and attention to detail are vital to your success in the 21st century.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, director or an employee aspiring to any of those positions, you need to know how to write effectively for business. Even in an era of 140 characters or less, clear messages are the key to success in our competitive business world.

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