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Health smarts to conquer afternoon ‘brain drain and energy emergency’


Natural ebbs and flows of energy are part of our living experience and can be useful ways of scheduling our productivity.

However if you find that you are drained and fatigued at certain times of the day, or more often than we used to be and it’s having a negative effect on our performance, focus, productivity and enjoyment of life it is really important to take action NOW to get back back into feeling more Fab than Fatigued.

Six important health’s smart for you to consider:

  • If you do just ONE THING – assess what you are having for breakfast.

If you want to have your best energy and productivity throughout the day it is important to feed your brain and energy by including adequate protein, complex carbohydrates and ‘good’ fats (such as fish oils, coconut oil/milk, avocado ) at the start of the day.   Some people I consult with for the Health Mastery Programs feel so much better even after just their first week of the program when we start to get their nutrient intake right for their metabolism.

This can be achieved very quickly and easily if you are time poor with making a smoothie containing some berries, other low sugar fruit, a suitable protein powder (organic, without all the nasty sugars and additives of most commercial brands), coconut milk.   You might also add some nuts and seeds to munch on after your smoothie.  You can even make the smoothie the night before and have it ready to grab as you go out the door.

  • Nutrient and herbal allies

You can often benefit from additional nutritional support such as a well formulated high dose B complex, some high quality Co-Enzyme Q10….  there are many more that those of us who are qualfied practitioners have access to which can be so helpful.    Herbal remedies are extremely useful for many people to assist with energy and clarity.   Women in particular can often find they benefit in energy and focus from individudally tailored hormone balancing remedies.  The dosages and types of herbs and nutrients can vary hugely according to individual health needs so it is wise to have a proper assessment.

  • Movement

 Invest in movement each day to keep your circulation to your brain and other parts of your body optimum and to help with keeping you strong and motivated.  Sitting for too long can cause problems with your back, affect your arterial blood supply to the lower part of your body and we can stack on the weight much more quickly.

  • Make an appointment for yourself

It’s really helpful to place your movement activities in your diary as an appointment for yourself  – it is fundamental to your longevity with your business that you keep moving and energised.

Many of the people I work with globally have not placed a high priority on their own health and energy and made a commitment to their long term self-care.  Unfortunately this can result in a negative impact on our businesses and lives.

For example it is 3 pm on a   Monday as I write this.  At 1.30 pm I was feeling quite sluggish and low in focus after some hours doing on-line consultations and writing up a clinical notes.  I thought that I might have passed my usefulness for the day, but after a    stint     at the local gym my mind is    razor sharp and my energy is much better.

Even a brisk walk around the block can help get you out of an energy slump.

  • Afternoon energy investment

If you are making a smoothie in the morning with the added protein powder, make enough for second glassful at 3 pm.  Many people notice that as their energy and focus fades around this time they reach for sugars, starches and caffeine. This is not helpful in the long run and often leads to weight gain and even less energy after the instant hit of sugar or caffeine has worn off.

  • Energy boosting snacks & lunch

Ditch the biscuits and have some raw nuts, seeds, plain yogurt, humus dip, raw vegetable sticks in your office fridge.  Once we start eating biscuits, cakes and other starches and sugars we tend to crave more.  For lunch it can be beneficial to have a salad and protein or light vegetables and protein.   Foods high in starchy carbohydrates (such as breads, cakes) can result in a slump later in the day.  Before we know it we are even more tired, there is more of us to love and our focus can go out the window.

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About Wendy Dumaresq

Wendy Dumaresq is aB.Bus, Ad Dip Med Herb, Ad C NFM. Women's Health Mastery Program Creator, Principal Natural Woman Network On-Line Learning, Author, Speaker, Event Facilitator.

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