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How to start an eyelash extension business


This guide outlines all the steps and strategies you should use to start an eyelash extension business. 

Are you thinking of finally pursuing your dreams of becoming an eyelash extension artist? Do you want to learn all the steps for starting an eyelash extension business? Then you’ve come to the right place. Before all the lash glitz and glamor, we must first embark on a journey of learning, dedication and passion.

Steps for starting an eyelash extension business

eyelash extension business

From getting your eyelash extensions license to opening the doors to your own beauty salon, here is how to start an eyelash extension business and the meaning behind what is a lash artist!

Eyelash Extensions License

First and foremost, it’s essential for eyelash extension artists to have proper skills under their belt. Clients prefer to work with lash technicians who have received professional training in their field. Getting an eyelash extension license can help you book more clients, put your name on the lash extension map and even increase your average service prices! 

But where exactly can beginners go to receive their license and lash training? Enrolling in beauty schools, signing up for online makeup training academies and esthetician courses are great ways to start! From how to learn to do eyelash extensions to proper hygiene and observing other experienced lash artists, eyelash extensions licenses have their incredible benefits. 

Eyelash Extension Styles

Along with basic training, mastering a variety of eyelash extension styles is the best way to expand your business and reach more clients. With so many different lash designs making their way on the market, it’s important to keep up with recent trends and lash styles. 

A professional lash artist who can recreate even the most intricate of lash designs is the lash artist many will dream of working with. Perfecting your technical skills will help you book clients, impress your fellow colleagues and pave the way for you to open up your very own beauty salon. 

In your free time, browse through popular and trendy lash styles. Discover what styles work best with eye shapes and eye colors and practice whenever you can! Have your friends or colleagues be your models for the day and experiment with new eyelash extension fills and fun lash sets! You can even ask your fellow colleagues for their expert opinions and clever tips and tricks. 

Professional Eyelash Extensions Supplies

Every artist needs their set of supplies. Especially lash artists who work closely with their clients on a daily basis. Even as a beginner technician just stepping into this field, it’s paramount to have professional eyelash extension supplies by your side. Premium-quality lash tools reflect positively on your professionalism and dedication. And with higher-end products, you can also boost your lash artist salary!

But exactly which professional eyelash extensions supplies should we invest in? A variety of eyelash extensions, professional lash adhesives, powerful lash glues and lash accessories all need their place on the shelf. While it may seem overwhelming at first, turn to online lash supplies stores to fill your inventory!

Let’s begin with professional eyelash extensions. As every lash client has their specific requests, having a wide range of eyelash extensions can help you craft any set. Whether it’s the softest of black mink lashes or the festive colorful lash fills for the summer, you can never go wrong in having a collection of premium lash extensions! Visit the Stacy Lash lash supply store to invest in your new lash extensions today!

What pairs amazingly with professional lash extensions? Powerful lash adhesives and lash glue removers, of course! For gorgeous extensions and long-lasting effects, it’s best to work with lash products that can deliver optimal results. Lash adhesives should do their magic in seconds while also being gentle around the eyes. 

Finally, here are some lash accessories and lash tools you will need in your salon drawers. Every lash artist knows that lash shampoos are amazing products that prep and cleanse the lashes. These shampoos are also the go-to products for daily lash aftercare maintenance. Mix lash shampoos with clean mascara wands and you’ve got the winning combination on your hand! And lastly, we can’t forget about protecting our clients’ delicate under eye skin. Apply soft lash pads on the lower lash lines and say goodbye to eye irritation! If you are looking for a lash supply store that has all the lash essentials, then browse through the Stacy Lash lash supply store and assemble your exciting inventory!

Social Media & Networking

Now that we know the technical aspects of becoming a lash artist, let’s explore how we can use social media in expanding our eyelash extension business! Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and other social media platforms can play a huge role in building your personal lash brand. Whether it’s connecting with potential clients, answering interesting lash questions or showcasing your talents, social media is free exposure for your business! 

Upload weekly pictures, behind-the-scenes videos and even customer reviews to increase your social media following. When posting lash pictures, make sure you include a variety of designs and styles. The more diversity you display, the more potential clients you can reach! And try your best to answer fan comments or lash-related DMs. Connecting one-on-one with your followers is a great way to show your professionalism! Take this tip one step further by creating your lash business website where your clients can book their appointments online. The bigger your network, the higher your lash artist salary can be. 


As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. No lash artist is born a professional. Mastering technical skills, improving application methods and creating a successful eyelash extension business takes time and dedication. But as most experienced lash pros would tell you, following your dreams and becoming a lash artist is worth all the hard work. 

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