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Salon employees: how to recruit the best ones for your needs


Salons offer a little oasis away from the real world. Customers get pampered, and everyone is just a little more relaxed than usual. You might be thinking that recruiting salon employees for your business should be easy because of this. However, it’s not always as easy as just posting an ad on Facebook or Instagram. There are a few things you need to do before recruiting any employees for your salon.

How to recruit the best salon employees

You need to focus on creating the ideal environment for your team to do their best work. Once your salon employees are happy, you can think about marketing this as an opportunity to established and up-and-coming stylists. When people know you’re a great employer, the applicants flock to you instead of you having to chase applicants.

Write a clear job description

According to Salon Iris, the job description is the most important thing to get right during recruitment of salon employees. Once you know what the role entails, it will be easier to find someone for your salon. Be as specific as possible about the role. It’s tempting to be vague so you can find out who is out there, but this will only deter people from applying. Be clear if you’re looking for a junior or a director. Decide the working hours, or if they can set their own hours. Outline any training or career progression opportunities. Make your job description so clear that it answers any question an applicant might have about the role.

Be selective about where you share this

You need to consider where and how you advertise the position carefully. Word of mouth is often the best way to recruit great salon employees. Put a call out on social media for any recommendations, but don’t forget about some more traditional forms of advertising too.

If you add it to a general jobs board like Indeed, you can guarantee you will be flooded with applications. You might get some good ones, but you may also have to spend a lot of time sifting through irrelevant applications. If you’re casting a wide net, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Ask your team for input

Your team might have some helpful insight about what is missing from your salon. They might also have recommendations for stylists who are looking for work. This is a good way to build your own talent pool and ensure you don’t miss out on anyone before they are snapped up by a rival salon.

Your team will have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends and what your competitors are up to. They’ll also be able to share insight about what treatments their clients are asking for. If you need to hire new salon employees to be able to offer these, then you’ll know which skills and qualifications you’re missing.

Be prepared to offer training and career progression

No one wants to stick around in a role where they can never progress. If you give salon employees the opportunity to train and develop their skills, they will stay with you longer because they can see a future with your company. When you’re hiring new staff, make sure you tell them about potential opportunities and how they can grow their career with your salon.

You should outline that in your job description too. If someone is looking to get into a particular industry, then your salon could be the perfect stepping stone for them. You can establish yourself as an employer of choice if you’re willing to support people with their career development and offer more than just a paycheck.

Be open about wages and benefits

Not everyone is motivated by money, but money still matters. Be open about the salary expectations so people can decide if this is a role that will suit them. You should also outline any added perks of working for your company so they can weigh up the potential benefits.

Transparency is essential for attracting the best talent as it shows that you have nothing to hide. Make it clear what working for your company will offer them in terms of experience, skills development and career progression, so they only apply if this really sounds like a good fit for them.

Create a careers page on your website

Recruitment should always be on your mind. A great way to attract applications even when you aren’t hiring is to add a careers page to your website. Highlight the perks and benefits of working with you and show how individuals with your salon have progressed in their careers. This page will now function as a recruitment tool, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

The beauty of using this as a recruitment method is that you know that people landing on this page are already familiar with your brand and your salon. So they’ve already passed the first test of genuinely wanting to work for you. Next, you just have to determine if their skills are up to scratch and if they would be a good fit for the team.


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