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Real estate recruiting can be powered up with slide presentations


This guide outlines how presentation slides can save your time and effort in the real estate recruiting process, saving you time and money — and increasing your chances of the getting the right hires.

For your brokerage to grow and succeed, you need to hire the right people in your real estate recruiting process. In particular, you need a team of competent real estate agents who can close deals and maintain good client relationships. As such, you need to ramp up your recruiting efforts and one way to do this is to create not just impressive but effective real estate recruiting presentation slides.

With presentation slides as a real estate recruiting tool, you can better present your brokerage to your prospective real estate career hires. The problem is that not everyone knows how to create a so-called “deck” that can impress each and every applicant. Design isn’t as much of an issue—there are hundreds or even thousands of templates you can use—as content and the actual presentation.

How to use slides for real estate recruiting 

If you find yourself struggling to create top-notch real estate recruiting slides, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Know What You’ll Put In It

The first thing you need to figure out when making real estate recruiting slides is what to put in it. The contents may vary depending on factors such as the experience level of the people you’re trying to recruit, how many people you’re presenting to, and the like. Still, there are some things that you should always include in every presentation. Some of them are:

1) Workplace culture. This is one of the biggest things that can influence a candidate’s decision to join your brokerage. Thus, you need to establish how your company differs from other brokerages. Be authentic and share testimonials from your current employees to make things more relatable.

2) Tech investments. Nowadays, technological tools are basically a requirement in any brokerage. With such tools, you can help your agents do their jobs and achieve their own professional goals. If you haven’t yet, Get Broker Kit for an all-around, reliable CRM for recruiting and retaining agents. A CRM is one of a brokerage’s most important tech tools, so you need to invest in one if you want to convince good agents to join your team.

3) Compensation plan and incentives. Different real estate brokerages have different compensation structures, so make sure to clarify the details in your presentation. If you have any monthly fees, commissions caps, and special rules regarding splits, include these details as well. Remember to mention all possible incentives as well, such as free training, insurance, retirement programs, and the like.

One Thing Per Slide

One big mistake that most people make when creating a presentation deck (no matter its purpose) is that they try to cram too much information in one slide. Don’t do this! Instead, focus on one thing per slide so whoever is looking at it can easily keep track of what you’re talking about. Even if the topic has multiple subtopics—say, you’re breaking down the details of your compensation plan—it’s still best to put them on separate pages.

Less Is More

In relation to the previous point, less is definitely more when it comes to making a real estate recruiting presentation. Limit the number of words on the screen; present only the most essential information because you’re there to elaborate on them anyway.

You should also use easy-to-read fonts, and avoid over formatting or over animating elements. When it comes to adding photos or videos, use high-resolution ones. As much as possible, don’t add any other elements so that the audience will focus on the photo or video. You should also do away with corny sound effects and flashy slide transitions. These will only distract from your content and even lower the overall quality of the presentation.

Practice, Practice, Practice (With a Friend and a Timer)

Once you’ve polished the contents and layout of your real estate recruiting presentation deck, it’s time to practice actually presenting it. Timing is crucial, especially in certain situations or events such as conferences, job fairs, and the like. You can practice in front of a mirror first, using a simple timer—your smartphone’s built-in one is more than enough.

Then, after you’ve gotten the hang of it, try presenting to a friend or a trusted colleague. They can provide input regarding your tone, presentation skills, and the actual slides, as well as act like an interested applicant and pose relevant questions.

Remember: The Slides Are a Tool

While a recruiting presentation can help you get your point across, what’s really more important is YOU. Your real estate recruiting slides should complement what you’re saying, not say things for you. Treat your presentation slides as visual aids and not a pamphlet or brochure. You, as the recruiter, should be the one relaying the information and answering questions. This way, you can immediately start building rapport and cultivating business relationships even before the application process starts.

When it all boils down to it, an effective real estate recruiting presentation is more reliant on the presenter rather than on the slides. However, it doesn’t hurt to have pleasing visuals as you discuss crucial matters with your potential recruits. A well-made presentation can also influence an applicant’s impression of your brokerage in some way, so it’s best to make the best one to entice the talented agents.

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