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How to survive launching a new project


I was on my morning walk this morning when the inspiration for this post struck. The minute I headed out the door a smile hit my face…what a morning, what a fabulous time of the day.. how lucky am I to live here, have a body that is fit and strong etc…I was immediately filled with gratitude.

My thoughts then turned to my current launch (my life’s work in an online program) and how things were travelling. 5 days of facebook ads throwing $100 at it every day for a week. My leads are good, hitting close to 60 a day at less than a dollar a lead. Happy Days!

BUT at the time of writing – no-one has signed up for my online program. And that’s when the idea for this post formed…

12 months ago I would be in a blind panic and ready to pull my ads by now. The theme here is that you haven’t cut your entrepreneurial teeth until you’ve experienced the white knuckle ride that is a program launch!

Even more so if you haven’t yet had a launch actually bomb!

What I’ve discovered over the last couple of years is that a launch is a marathon and not a sprint and you need to strap yourself in for the ride. What do I mean by that?

With experience comes the knowing that you will run ads, sometimes for weeks, without a sign-up… but this doesn’t mean it’s failing.

You see, too many of us are in our own heads at this point when we should be thinking like our potential clients; we hit panic stations and plunge ourselves into feelings of ‘lack’ that have us wanting to pull our ads and / or delay our launch “until”…the only problem with “until” is that the same stuff happens next time around as well so we send ourselves around in circles.

Often we put ourselves through this for no reason and had we simply put ourselves in the minds of our potential clients we’d know that sometimes a person will need to ponder a decision or a big ticket purchase for weeks.

Our potential clients need to know we’re the real deal before they commit so they’ll be watching your youtube videos, reading your blog, googling the crapola out of us…that takes time and you want to be sure the stuff they’re finding supports your marketing promise.

Sign-ups usually occur at the death knock!

With experience comes the knowing that it’s not enough to rely on social media and advertising alone and that launch time is hustle time.

But the key is to hustle elegantly, we don’t want to be in a state of frenzied hustle because this creates bad juju and we wear ourselves out in the process.

The elegant hustle requires you to start using your contacts, running webinars, following up on leads, getting yourself on podcasts, guest blogging,  communicating with your list a little more than usual….basically doing whatever it takes.

A launch that looks seamless and successful from the outside is a very different animal to what actually occurs behind the scenes, where the white knuckle ride occurs…

The more you launch the better you are at navigating the ride. The more you launch the more relaxed, confident and excited you become.

Launching is all about test and measure and you never know for sure how things are going to pan out until you launch. Basically you need to take the leap to find out – and that can be scary. But do you want to die wondering? I know I don’t!

Want to know how I remove the fear from my launches these days? I have a plan B AND a Plan C. My plan A, B & C all relate to the next calendar year. My Plan A is to fill my program (100 spots) before January and that will be my focus for 2016 but I have the freedom to run some 1 and 2 day events throughout the year.

Anything under 50 sign-ups and I need Plan B — Plan B is to swing my marketing into action to fill my 8 person LIVE mastermind program to kick off in Feb. Plan B also means a 2nd launch around the start of the financial year after I’ve worked out how I can improve on the first launch.

No sign-ups (not gonna happen) and I implement Plan C —  run 2 Mastermind Programs for the year. Plan C would also have me looking at what I need to change to make my online program fly — is it better as an evergreen etc, and then I’d swing that into action asap.

I’m always aiming for Plan A and I rarely launch these days without hitting my targets but worst case scenario still looks good to me.

One of the biggest mistakes female entrepreneurs make is making a launch life or death. They put so much pressure on themselves for this to be “it” and if it flops you’re left battered and exposed.

Whatever you do don’t put all of your eggs in one basket; if you take your eye off the ball and stop dong your regular income generating activities and your launch bombs you’ve put yourself in a very bad place and often it takes a while to climb back out of the hole ready to hit it again.

Launches should be fun and exciting and lucrative BUT it takes practice. If you’ve had a flop that still stings it’s time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, pull on your big girl pants and give it another try.

If you’re contemplating a launch – go for it… but keep your eye on the ball and have your Plans B & C ready to roll if you need them. Either way I wish you well, the world needs you and you need to do this!

Now go forth and conquer.


About Michelle Hext

Michelle Hext is the best-selling author of The Art of Kicking Ass Elegantly - In Business, In Love, In Fitness and In Life, international speaker and business & brand strategist from Melbourne Australia. Having been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, she is driven to ensure entrepreneurial women create brands and offerings that honour the vision they set out to achieve. As the founder of The Art of Kicking Ass Elegantly.com she runs her signature 12 Month Luxury Business & Lifestyle Mastermind live around Australia.Michelle also works with female entrepreneurs globally through online programs where she helps entrepreneurial women launch, rebrand & grow their businesses.

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