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Finding time for social media 


The number one reason why business owners or career professionals don’t bother with social media is because they “don’t have the time”.

Is this you? Yes? Ok so I’m here to tell you that you DO have time — and if you don’t do it you are at risk of losing momentum for your brand in a tech-savvy business and consumer world.

It’s all a matter of time-management, in the form of multi-tasking during what would otherwise often be wasted time. Here are seven times you could be doing social media while you’re doing something else… we’d love to hear your suggestions and tips about how to slot this into your day!

Here’s how:

1. On the road

In the cab, or on public transport …dedicate a 5 min session scrolling through your twitter feed. Don’t just stalk, Tweet something worthwhile or funny. Stay in touch with the online space. Unless you’re driving.

2. Waiting for a meeting

Use the inevitable waiting time before a meeting, jump onto LinkedIn and connect with 5 people. Make that your target each time. Imagine how many connections you’ll have at the end of each month.

3. In a meeting

Ok so we all have those meetings where time is wasted. Well, tweet away or keep your eye on the twittersphere headlines.  Don’t let someone else’s time wasting activities impact negatively on your business. Make sure your phone is on silent so it isn’t beeping and annoying everyone else.

4. In the bath

A great place to multi-task is in the bath. I like to watch TV, tweet and blog. In fact I’m writing this article in the bath right now, watching Ballers. Gotta love The Rock right? If you are clumsy, do not attempt this at home.

5. Bathroom break

There’s a few (or more) minutes you can use to check Facebook, Instagram and any other platform. Reply to comments and retweet to keep your followers happy. 

You know the saying, if you don’t take your phone into the bathroom with you, you aint doing it right.

6. Schedule posts

If you are building a following with your own quality content, use a tool like buffer to schedule posts for the week ahead — which will fill in for the times you can’t do it during the day. 

7. On the plane

There is so much downtime when travelling interstate or internationally. If you have wifi on the plane the go for gold but if you don’t then schedule posts or take the time to prepare scheduled social media posts for when you re-connect.

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