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Measure up to your business expectations


Do you work full time for someone else? Dream of the day that you can hand in your notice, fulfil your dreams of your desired work as an entrepreneur; run off into the sunset, sipping on champagne, while really discovering what work life balance is all about?

More and more people who come to hire me as a coach do so to work on a (business) mindset, because business is so much more than planning, budgeting, doing the job itself. In business we also learn to measure up to our own expectations.

For over four years I treated my coaching business like a hobby. I’d launch a program, get an influx of new clients. I even became the listed go-to coach for a handful of businesses. I regularly worked with at least six clients a month all while in a full time, high pressure corporate gig.

With the number of clients I had, more asking to work with me and my many years of business experience, it seemed a no brainer to quit my role and turn my dream of coaching full time into a reality. Before doing so, I hired a marketing coach for a full day of insights, direction, clarity and momentum. Arguably the best in the industry – just tailored know-how to create a solid, implementation plan.

What I received however, despite it actually being brilliant plan, was a rude awakening into my own mindset. All of a sudden I had to put myself out there, in what seemed a like sea of coaches and measure up to myself.

There was no security-blanket regular pay cheque. It was me and only me responsible for the success or otherwise of my business. Over the next 48 hours I did what I had not done to myself before in business – I compared myself to others. I looked at shiny websites, lists of accomplishments, copywriting fit for a king.

It all got too much – how could I ever be a success with what they were doing?! There were hundreds, possibly thousands out there already coaching ‘successfully’. I decided I’d finish with my current clients and quit while I was ahead.

Thanks to investment into myself, I am a full time coach, and I will continue to be one for a very long time. The tips here are definitely not exhaustive to running your own business, nor is it limited only to one industry, but for every time I am told “but it all comes so naturally to you!” when others observe me in my business, this is what I want to scream from the roof-top:

1. Do the mindset work

Know yourself — Really dig deep, into your core mindset stuff. Hire someone who has mindset know-how and can help you get the most from you.

Passion — How passionate are you about your business? What is driving you to focus in this area? Authentic passion is seen from afar, so just be who you are meant to be because it really will shine through. Forcing what you think you ‘should’ be doing will only exhaust you, oh, and be very un-motivating.

Confidence — How confident are you? I mean deep-down confidence, when no one is around. Read “Why confidence matters” for more tips on this. Leading on from confidence is comparison to others. Focus on you, your goals, your plan and dreams and go after them with solid conviction.

2. Structure your day and work hard!

If you say you are going to do a task, then go forth and do it! It is a lot easier to ‘get to it tomorrow’ when no one is breathing down your neck. Breath down your own – be clear on your goals and put some work and discipline in place. Integrity and honesty go a VERY long way, and it starts with you. Oh, and action is your friend.

3. Reach out to experts

Have a few experts/mentors on call. The ones that you feel like they work with what you are trying to achieve, not what THEY are trying to achieve. Support is vital if you want to keep momentum, focus and clarity.

4. Roll with the punches

Remember that every business has good and bad days. A bad day is not final, just as a good day isn’t either. You hold the key to create more of the same – either way. Each day commit to your goals, and when something doesn’t work as well as you hoped, remember there are many other ways to go about it.

Your business can be a brilliant success, all that you dreamed off. Dedication, support and mindset success is critical.

About Lissy Venner

Lissy Venner is head coach of Amazing You, and lives by the motto of following your dreams and being what makes you happy - making time for things that matter, investing in yourself and living your passions. She works with clients on Self-Mastery - mindset, leadership, human behaviour - leading into communication, team building, confidence, setting and achieving goals. She has worked as a life and executive coach for the last five years and in the corporate industry for over 13 years; the last nine of which she was responsible for managing multi-million dollar business channels and leading teams. Her programs include online, one on one, private retreats, workplace programs and seminars/workshops.

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