11 Inspiring books for businesswomen


Women are big news these days. The bookstores are abundant with some worth reading books on women. Here we’ve enlisted the best business books in terms of their popularity. Let’s take an overview on each of them:

1. Do’s and taboos around the world for women in business by Roger E. Axtell

In a gradually diverse, complex, multitasked world, it describes the rules, customs, and properties by country for the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits. The authors encourage critical thinking for situations rather than presenting do and don’t advice.

2. Life’s work: Confessions of an unbalanced mom by Lisa Belkin

Sometimes original, heartbreaking, this collection gives readers brief but aware doses of the confused daily life of a working mom.

3. Play like a man, win like a woman: What men know about success that women need to learn by Gail Evans

CNN veep Evans says that the glass ceiling is a fairytale. Instead of being inactive victims, women should learn to play the game that gets them ahead.

4. Millionaire woman next door by Thomas J. Stanley

The “Millionaire Next Door” made millions of readers aware about the phenomenal wagers of wealth (PAWs) might be more budget- than bling-oriented. Though the book only covers female business owners it proves success outlines useful to the average Josephine.

5. Carolyn 101: Business lessons from the apprentice’s straight shooter by Carolyn Kepcher

Kepcher tells her life story as a managerial and family woman in this brief and often humorous book. It is inspired by a real-life email question at the beginning of each chapter.

6. She wins, you win: The most important rule every businesswoman needs to know by Gail Evans

Evans says that winning at a man’s game requires women to play as a team, supporting one another in order to buoy cooperative female success. Evans, CNN’s first female executive vice president.

7. Talking from 9 to 5: Women and men at work by Gail Evans

There’s a male way of cooperating, and a womanly way—Mars and Venus introduced the world to that concept—but is one necessarily better than the other.

8. Women don’t ask: Negotiation and the gender divide by Linda Babcock

Babcock and Laschever explore why women pause when it comes to asking for what they want. Women will forsake an opportunity to negotiate if it means avoiding conflict. This hurts individual women in the long run, as they forsake added money, status, or other welfares.

9. How to say it for women: Communicating with confidence and power using the language of success by Phyllis Mindell

If ‘Nice Girls’ tell you what not to do, ‘How to Say It For Women’ shows you how to do it right. Mindell’s action plans and real-life stories inspire women to learn strong, simple communication techniques.

10. Be your own mentor: Strategies from top women on the secrets of success by Sheila Wellington

Guides are critical to anyone’s business success. But how do you find one, especially as a woman? Wellington shares how to locate good mentors, but, crucially, also shows women how to mentor themselves.

11. Secrets of six-figure women: Surprising strategies to up your earnings and change your life by Barbara Stanny

After questioning more than 150 women on the pay scale, Stanny reveals which strategies help women to earn more and which don’t.

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