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Invest in profitable relationships


Relationships are not always easy. We have all had our ups and downs in different relationships in life, whether they are short or long-termed, romantic and otherwise.  Some relationships are truly inspiring and allow both parties to thrive. Some, on the other hand, cause more damage than good.

I was once in a romantic relationship with someone who was living in his comfort zone. For him, life was all about sports games, tv and good food. He was a homebody. I, on the other hand, am always about expanding my horizons and taking on new challenges. Our values were so different that he would consistently accuse me of being too negligent of him and my home. It did not take me long to break up with this person because these conflicts and arguments not only wasted my time but also hindered my growth. Bad relationships are like bad investments you have to let go in order to thrive in the future.

I also met this lady at a one-day cultural excursion in London. There was a demeanour, an air about her that drew me to her. We got along very well and we even went out for drinks the night after the activity. We remain good friends since then. And thanks to her, I purchased two beautiful pre-construction condos at first-round pricings directly from the developer (who is her best friend) with great concessions. I received requests to takeover my contract by offering me 10% more than my purchase price just 4 months after buying my units. The developer promised to take care of rental contracts for 5 years at 5% yield per year. How does it get any better than this?

You have to be clear on what you desire to seek out and build the relationships that are profitable. Profitable relationships are the ones that allow you to expand, grow, and make more inspired choices in life.  These relationships open up opportunities for you to make more money, grow your social networks, contribute to your mental wellness, and empower you to be a better version of yourself.

Do not judge a book by its cover.  Many people are not what they appear to be. Please be more tuned in to the vibes and energy they exude. If anyone appears phony to you, just stay away. When your alarms keep going off when you are interacting with someone, stop investing your time and energy in this relationship.  People who are the real-deal are often very composed and collected.  They do not do things to prove their value.  They know their value.  They seek people who can complement them to create more value.  The key to invite more of these people in your life for greater possibilities is to have clarity on what value you can bring to anyone.  That way, it would be much easier to sense the possibilities of greater creation between you and the people who come into your life. Train this people-compass you have within you to know how to pick the right people to be with.

Another component of relationship that is often overlooked is the relationship with self.  How many of us have done proper self-care? How many of us exert ourselves to the extent that our energy is constantly depleted? How many of us makes keeping ourselves happy our priority in life? You have to always prioritize yourself to have healthy, productive and profitable relationships with others. This is not being selfish. This is making sure you have the mindset and the clarity to always be on top of the game and inspire others to be on at least the same level with you at all times. And treat people generously just like how you would treat yourself. This way, people around you feel valued and they would do more to reciprocate the value you have given them.  Have generosity of spirit at all times.

About Kayla Leung

Kayla Leung is a Global Entrepreneur with expertise and talents across many industries. Kayla's education includes a doctorate in clinical psychology, a bachelor’s in economics and commerce, and a degree in fashion. The many hats Kayla wears include public speaker, Wealth Creators Anonymous Facilitator, managing director, angel investor, property investment, therapist, etiquette consultant, editor, jewelry designer, writer, buyer and business consultant. With all her experience, she has been facilitating classes and workshops around the world to inspire others. Her empowering talents spreads across many cultures, languages, and countries across the Americas, Asia and Europe.

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