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Is EQ more important than IQ for your career?


What kind of ‘smart’ makes for a great career path — and a good leader? Traditionally, measures of intelligence have focused on IQ, but in recent times it’s become apparent that we should be looking more at EQ: emotional intelligence.

But what is it, and how do you use and improve it? It is being able to discriminate between  feelings and categorise and deploy them appropriately — whether they are your own feelings, your colleagues, or your employees.

Studies have shown that high EQ can boost your career and help your business. The infographic below, created by Norwich University’s prestigious Online Master of Science in Leadership program, will give you great insight into the the benefits and importance of EQ.

Why is EQ important?

A study that compared outstanding managers with average managers found 90% of the difference was accounted for by EQ.
The biggest indication of whether or not an individual will take the lead in their team is their EQ, even when their IQ and personality are taken into account.
Managers with well developed emotional intelligence skills are more likely to outperform revenue targets, than those with underdeveloped emotional intelligence skills.
67% of attributes that employers look for are emotional intelligence competencies.
Employees with a manager with high emotional intelligence are four times less likely to leave than those with a manager with low emotional intelligence.

What are the habits of high EQ leaders?

A study looking at past US Presidents found that emotional intelligence was a key quality that distinguished the successful from the unsuccessful.
The successful chose their battles wisely, behaved assertively when necessary and showed courage to confront difficult situations with confidence.
Another of their strengths is the ability to recognise their own moods, emotions and drives and how they may affect other people.
They are able to understand and react to other people’s emotions and behaviour appropriately.

How can you increase your EQ?

Being assertive and expressing difficult emotions when necessary.
Maintaining a positive attitude.
Try to keep your cool and manage stress.
Staying proactive and not reactive when faced with a stressful situation.
Developing resilience in the face of adversity.

EQ vs IQ Infographic

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