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Job satisfaction: How to have fun with the job you have


If you are unhappy at work, changing jobs often seems to be the only solution – but what if you could gain happiness by changing your energy?

This way, any choice you make will be informed by a positive outlook and the knowledge that you can determine how you feel.

And what if this could influence your current work environment in unprecedented ways?

I myself have found joy in work I vowed I would never do again, after changing professions several times and finding practical tools that really work for me. Today I am combining most of these skills – as a professional interpreter, communicator, coach and mentor, to name a few – in a way that is both inspiring and fun for me; and, most importantly, encouraging people from all walks of life to find their own joy in life and in business.

So, which are the factors that mostly account for low job satisfaction?

Even without resorting to statistics, it feels safe to say it’s almost always the place where our contribution is not being acknowledged, where unrealistic demands are made of us, where our experience and expertise as the ones actually doing the job isn’t being heard, and where there is personal friction, or simply an unappreciative work environment.

Granted we cannot change other peoples’ attitudes – what can we do to make our everyday work experience agreeable, enjoyable, and even joyful?

  1. Recognition

    Don’t wait to receive recognition from your leaders and bosses. Give yourself the acknowledgement you feel you deserve. Realise the contribution you make to the organisation, the job or other team members through both your work, and as a human being.

Pat yourself on the back for every task you complete successfully, for only you know what your small and big personal victories are.

  1. Don’t expect your colleagues to behave like family or friends

    If you are subconsciously overly concerned about your emotional interactions with your co-workers, ask yourself whether you might have expectations that go beyond a level appropriate for work. See where you haven’t given enough attention to yourself, your family and friends. And then see how you can appreciate your co-workers as colleagues.

  2. How can you bring more of YOU into your workplace?

    You’re not a robot. You are much bigger than your job alone. Not being seen as a whole person by the people you work with can feed into very low job satisfaction. Realise that you do have a choice around how you show up and figure out how to bring more of the ‘real you’ to work so you can feel happier, comfortable and fulfilled.

What energy can you bring into the workplace that would make it more enjoyable for everyone?

  1. What can you change that you have always felt you can’t?

    Identify what you don’t like about your work or workplace and brainstorm ways to make the experience a better one. It could be suggesting improvements in the work process or a physical space for meditation in the office. Whatever your ideas are, speak up and suggest it. Even if your idea won’t be actualised as is, you will have started a conversation that could open up new possibilities.

  2. Be in a good relationship with your job 

    Treat your job well, care for it like you would a best friend, really, start talking to it! This, however, requires that you see yourself as part of it, not only its performer. “Job, what are the three things you require of me today?” See what pops into your mind (even if it’s something seemingly unrelated to your job, like going for a walk), do these three things and see how the energy changes.

  3. Enjoy life more outside of work

    Think of all the things you love doing and make a list. Pick one or two and start doing them more often. Whether it’s regular hobbies, or simply smelling nice scents, the fastest way to improve how you feel at work can sometimes be to improve how you feel outside of it.

  4. Dealing with tasks you don’t like

Apply the energy of tasks you like to the task you don’t like. Ask yourself: ‘What if this task could be as easy as […insert task you like doing… ] ? Transfer that ease into the tasks you don’t like doing.

Complete your favourite tasks first

If given a choice, start your day with something that is light and easy for you. Then, when you move onto more difficult tasks, you are already in the flow and you can use that energy to carry you through the things that are more difficult.

What do you know about your job that could be a constant source of joy, every day?

About Corinna Kaebel

Corinna Kaebel is a professional interpreter, communicator and mentor. She is a languages teacher and interpreter with fluency in English, German and Russian. She travels the globe extensively teaching as a Right Voice for You facilitator. a specialty program of Access Consciousness. Corinna loves being on the road, exploring new places and working with people from all different cultures and backgrounds. Also, madly passionate about good health and energy, Corinna supports people to stay well as a fitness instructor and massage therapist. Her number one goal is to inspire, support and help people navigate their own journey with ease, grace and glory.

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