Lawyer marketing fails if you make these mistakes


This guide outlines the 10 mistakes that will undermine any lawyer marketing campaign.

Strong marketing campaigns are the heartbeat of any great business venture, and law firms are no different. However, it’s an extremely competitive landscape, which is why only the best lawyer marketing strategies will succeed. Unfortunately, many companies fall short due to some very common pitfalls.

Lawyer marketing mistakes 

Whether you’re just starting out or need to revive the brand, familiarizing yourself with those pitfalls is essential. Here are 10 that you need to be aware of if you wish to unlock the full potential of your lawyer marketing strategy.

#1. Going It Alone

Nobody knows the business quite like you. As such, you would be forgiven for assuming that you are the best person to design and develop a marketing strategy.

On the contrary, working with a specialized law firm digital marketing company will deliver far better results. After all, they can combine their technical expertise within the marketing arena with a strong understanding of the law arena.

The experts will view your law firm with fresh eyes and can determine the USPs that are most likely to resonate with your audience. Furthermore, they will have a full understanding of the regulations that law firms are bound by.

In short, they know how to promote your services in the most effective fashion. It’s likely that you will continue to market the company too, but their help provides the strongest foundation for lawyer marketing. Better still, outside support means that you can dedicate more time to the core features of running a law firm.

#2. Ignoring The Importance Of Local Digital Marketing

Many businesses now aim for organic online traffic from a global audience. When operating as a law firm, though, this can be one of the biggest mistakes of all. The fact is that 99% of your clients will come from your town or city. Therefore, learning to appreciate the value of local marketing campaigns should be at the top of your lawyer marketing agenda. Otherwise, your budget will be wasted while even the local leads may feel a little alienated.

Almost half of all search engine traffic has a local intent, and this figure is far higher for law firms. Developing a strong SEO strategy that includes local terms should be a priority.

Meanwhile, PPC and social media campaigns should target people in the local area. This will translate to the greatest level of brand awareness from your intended audience. Frankly, outside demographics are virtually irrelevant.

Besides, it will be far easier to dominate the local landscape rather than gain visibility amidst a global industry.

#3. Not Supporting Yourself With Real-World Campaigns

The need to focus on local marketing should not be limited to your digital lawyer marketing efforts, either. Given that your potential client base is an almost exclusively local audience, it makes sense to make good use of other channels.

Printed media ranging from magazine ads to designing posters and leaflets can work wonders. This can be further supported by local radio ads and other media placements.

Law firms are unlikely to host a promotional day quite in the same way that other businesses will. However, you could still hold an open day for people to book consultations.

Or you could host a networking event with businesses, that will almost all need some legal advice in the future. Human interactions provide a great chance to build trust too. Most people who discover your law firm online will conduct local research and vice versa. So, your local lawyer marketing campaign should combine both.

#4. Failing To Focus On Your Niche

The law sector can be broken down into several niches. While some law firms provide a generic service that covers all aspects of law, the vast majority focus on a smaller selection.

If your company falls into this category, it’s vital that you adapt all marketing efforts to align with your service area. Doing this will ensure that you stand out in your niche to gain high-quality leads while avoiding wasteful interactions.

As already stated, business law is one area that you may focus on. Alternatively, your services could be focused on criminal law, family law, land law, contract law, or another niche. Either way, it is important that your lawyer marketing campaigns reflect this. Everything from the logo design to the emotional triggers used in your sales pitches will be influenced by this. The sooner you appreciate this the better.

Even the parameters you set within your target marketing campaigns are more efficient when you appreciate your niche.

#5. Underutilizing The Power Of Recommendation

Smart lawyer marketing campaigns are essential for building brand awareness. However, any prospective client who needs an attorney will need to have 100% trust in the service. Moreover, they will be aware that your marketing teams will focus on promoting the good points while ignoring any negatives. Almost everyone reads online reviews. And your leads will almost certainly do it before contacting your team. 

Consequently, then, your past clients can be your greatest asset or biggest problem. While negative reviews are sure to have a damaging impact, it’s equally important to avoid a lack of reviews. When you only have a handful of testimonials, people will still doubt your capabilities.

Conversely, having dozens of positive reviews from clients that you’ve supported will send trust levels through the roof. This should be supported by your accolades, qualifications, and any data that can showcase your success rates. 

#6. Focusing On Short-Form Content

Marketing efforts across all industries have seen dramatic changes in recent years. Reduced attention spans are regularly cited as one of the chief reasons for this. Many companies and marketing teams have subsequently focused on quick, attention-grabbing ads.

Your law firm does need to evoke instant curiosity. Still, the goal of most content is to educate the user and encourage them to contact for further support with their case.

Blogging has become an immensely important part of modern lawyer marketing and short-form posts will be regularly used. Nonetheless, the benefits of long-form essays and posts must not be ignored. This can cement your place as an authoritative field within your legal niche, which will result in greater conversion rates. It can support the SEO and web design elements provided by your law marketing experts too.

This is one aspect of lawyer marketing that many law firms, and businesses in general, overlook. So, it can be a key ingredient in the recipe for standing out in style.

#7. Not Having Fast Response Times

Most people that need a lawyer are in highly pressured situations. As such, they will not appreciate long delays in getting a response. Whether you technically consider it to be a marketing tool or not, fast response times will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Adding live chat assistance to your website can be a particularly powerful move. Even if it’s a chatbot that puts them through to you.

As a law firm, you will probably have a receptionist. If not, virtual services are available to maintain a professional vibe and pass leads on to the relevant party. The harsh reality is that a lead who cannot get quick answers at this stage will worry about your ability to keep clients updated during their cases. A multi-channel approach that covers web, phone, and in-person calls is vital.

Of course, training your attorneys and receptionists to offer a friendly service should feature on your checklist too.

#8. Failing To Show The Personal Touch

People want to work with businesses that they like. Moreover, legal procedures are immensely stressful for the client, regardless of what side of the dispute they are on. Therefore, working with a likable attorney that has their best interests at heart will make a huge impact. While you must maintain a professional vibe at all times, failing to show your character may reduce your attraction.

There are many ways to show a personal touch. Video and audio lawyer marketing can work exceptionally well. Also, taking great staff headshots for your website and offline marketing campaigns will make a huge difference.

While you need to tread carefully when jumping on social media trends, you can use law-based TV shows to join the conversation. Your views will carry weight and keep you fresh in a client’s mind.

When tied in with your brand persona, you will avoid the threat of becoming lost. Sadly, there is a sea of law firms currently in the deep depths of invisible digital brands.

#9. Being Too Modest

While likeability is vital, you also need to prove that you are the best firm to represent the client in their case. Building awareness and a professional image is one thing, but people want to know if you can get them results.

All of the above issues like having testimonials and using content to show authority feed into this. However, you need to make clients believe in your attorney services.

Don’t be afraid to make big statements in lawyer marketing, especially if they are statistically backed up. Meanwhile, developing better body language skills and sales talk will serve you well.

Taking care of yourself can also translate to increased confidence. It will shine through during videos, presentations, and consultations. If you downplay your talents, many people will choose a competitor who showcases that belief.

With this in mind, supporting yourself with the strongest team is vital. From other attorneys to outsourced marketing teams.

#10. Not Being Consistent

Finally, it’s imperative that you show consistent branding for your law firm. Ambiguity and mixed messages will destroy your hopes of establishing authenticity. Without that, your hopes of converting leads into clients will be lost.


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