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Let it go has become a nation-wide catch cry thanks to the seemingly ubiquitous Frozen, but when it comes to letting go of control over aspects of your business, it’s not as easy as singing in the shower.

After you’ve spent years, and likely a lot of tears and stress in addition, on building your business, giving up even a small amount of control can be a struggle. And that makes sense – it’s probably your oversight of EVERYTHING that has gotten your business to exactly where it is. The problem is, failing to let go and let others help you is likely to keep you right where you are.

Learning how to let go isn’t necessarily easy, but often it’s essential if you want your business to grow. If you have employees, giving up control is also paramount to their success and happiness in their own careers –  no-one likes working with a micro-managing control freak!

So how do you go about letting go and giving up some control of what is likely to be your business baby? There are a few key steps.

Hire good people.

Again, easier said than done, but investing in people that you trust is the going to make your life a lot easier – and will help your business grow.

Give them room.

Once you’ve hired these great people, don’t stand in their way. Delegate and coach but don’t control – don’t leave them waiting for instruction before they act. Accept that they may make decisions that you wouldn’t, but don’t approach this with a negative mindset – those decisions could be brilliant ones.

Accept failure.

No doubt as an entrepreneur you have already experienced failure but have seen how it has helped your business and made you smarter. Accept these things for your staff too.

Reward success.

If you have great people working for you and they are contributing positively to your business, reward them for it. Don’t let all your interactions with your team be about pulling them up for mistakes – celebrating success with your team is not only easier to do, it makes everyone feel good.

It may not be easy to do, but at the end of the day, refusing to relinquish control of everything is the most likely way that you will actually lose control.

About Alison Dean

Alison Dean is the founder of the national event series The High Tea Party which welcomes over 25,000 Australian women every year. As an entrepreneur, supporter of women, and a mother of three, Alison truly represents the modern day woman.

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