Local SEO strategy must always target Google Local 3


This guide outlines why the Google Local 3 pack is crucial to local SEO strategy, and how to get in it.

Local SEO strategy is a crucial component of many businesses’ marketing strategies. There are several components to a company’s SEO strategy. However, the Google Local 3 pack is often overlooked.

A key element of Google’s search results page is the “Google Local 3 Pack,” which presents a trio of nearby businesses relevant to the user’s search query. It ranks the top three nearby businesses that Google believes match the user’s search parameters.

One should also consider knowing about the Google map profile. You might notice that three businesses are typically included at the top of the search results when you look for a local business or service on Google. That’s the Google Local 3 Pack in action!

Hit the ‘Google 3’ in local SEO strategy

The following article will explain how to target your local SEO strategy to get listed in Google Local 3 Pack:

Claim and validate:

Your Google My Business listing must first be claimed and validated as part of your local SEO strategy. After claiming your listing and validating it, you are accessible to all the premium features associated with the Google Local 3 Pack.

It allows you to use the Local 3 Pack in the most customised and easy way. It improves your accuracy and efficiency and provides you with a smooth experience.

NAP information:

Once you’ve built your listing, optimise it by providing proper and up-to-date NAP information for local SEO strategy purposes, such as your company name, address, phone number, website URL, and operation hours. You should also provide photographs to encourage customers to leave reviews. Your Google map profile will also help.

Strong online presence:

A strong online presence is vital in addition to your Google My Business listing. It would be best to build a presence on other relevant websites and online directories, such as social media. The more dependable and comprehensive your online presence, the more likely your local SEO strategy will lead it to show in the Local 3 search results.

Review system:

Reviews are also very important while getting listed in the Local 3 Pack. Positive customer feedback may considerably enhance your business’s exposure and reputation. As a result, encourage your pleased customers to leave evaluations on your Google My Business profile. You can also use your Google map profile for different local SEO strategy purposes.

Keywords and phrases:

Your local SEO strategy may benefit from using keywords and phrases on your website and online profiles to appear more relevant in local search results. In your profile’s services and descriptions, use the phrase “SEO services” if you provide SEO services.


It may take time for a company to appear in Google’s Local 3 Pack. Your organisation’s capacity to compete, the quality of NAP data, and various other local SEO strategy factors can all influence where it appears in the local three-pack. 

In exceptional cases, businesses may have their Google My Business listing enter the Local 3 Pack just a few days after establishing or improving it. It is more common for your organisation to appear in the Local 3 Pack after a few weeks or months.

While there is no defined timeline for appearing in the Local 3 Pack, updating your Google My Business page, building a strong online presence, and collecting positive client feedback may all assist.

Follow the steps above to ensure you make the most of your strategy to be included in the Google Local 3 pack!


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