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World Woman Foundation CEO Rupa Dash: Mentoring women can accelerate the world


With women being the driving force behind the global economy, World Woman Foundation’s launch of the Mentoring One Million Women by 2030 platform is a significant step to empower ordinary women to do extraordinary things. With a little support, they will more easily find their purpose, maximize their potential, and build stronger communities. Each of us has a role to play.

Women own Thirty-seven percent of all businesses and enterprises worldwide, and nearly one billion women are poised to join the global workforce. McKinsey Global Institute estimates that if women around the world were fully engaged in the workforce, as much as 28 trillion U.S. dollars would be added to the global economy by 2030. It’s clear that what were once considered “women’s issues” are fundamental economic imperatives. What’s equally clear is that women are integral in helping countries that face humanitarian crises and unrest rebuild and move forward. From participating in peace talks to advancing stability through their businesses and economic development, women help drive progress.

We know that if women don’t reach a critical threshold in their career early enough, they either stop reaching out for support, or their organizations stop extending it. This presents a double opportunity—for women and the organizations for which they work—as well as for their families. We need women to be more deliberate in seeking and establishing relationships with mentors and influencers. Such connections provide intentional opportunities to elevate knowledge transfer while keeping mentors in touch with organizations’ “front lines,” which they might otherwise be distanced from.

Giving our time and expertise to mentor women can reap exponential benefits. It is my hope that this platform will encourage women to foster and nurture the talents of other women, and break the barriers faced by women today so that they don’t exist for our next generation.

We are committed to creating a meaningful network of women and men leaders that gains momentum as support and encouragement are shared across time zones. In our interconnected world, I am certain the Mentoring One Million Women by 2030 movement will provide valuable perspective and solid mentoring that enable women to discover their power and purpose.

And having genuine male mentors, allies in our network, help us solve a billion human resources problem with the meaningful partnership, respect, and trust. We are thrilled to have the support of extraordinary women and men leaders come together inspiring women to create a paradigm shift in addressing gender equality.

Today, we know that women are leading economic and social change. Let’s give them the opportunities and tools to do even more, and to create a long-lasting impact that is both measurable and meaningful.

About Rupa Dash

Rupa Dash is an entertainment entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, and co-founder & Partner of Dash Global Media, a leading entertainment company specializing in film packaging for world cinema. As CEO of World Woman Foundation, Dash leads a global mentorship program for women in film and their influence on global issues. Dash has implemented global brand strategies for Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. for theatrical releases in India, including Avengers, In Her Shoes, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She is also associated with Brillstein Entertainment Partners, a television production company and premier entertainment management group in Hollywood. With a focus on accelerating women’s leadership in the film industry, Dash has facilitated all aspects of seeking, securing, and managing film funds. In 2016, Dash Global Media was named the emerging film packaging startup company in Los Angeles for contributions to and support of social impact features. Dash received the Women Making Difference Award from Los Angeles Business Journal in 2018. She is actively involved with UN Women, Harvard Business School, Davos Forum, and Hollywood Film Festival, advocating for gender equality in film and entertainment. Dash has worked with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on India’s prominent investor meeting: Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on a collaboration with the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development to bring useful resources to the most underdeveloped states in India. Dash was the first woman to receive the UN’s International Telecom Union Award for her work to bring mobile entertainment content to Indian farmers across 40,000 villages. Dash studied entrepreneurship at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. She currently serves on the boards of International Indian Film Market, Russian Women's Federation, Arkansas Cinema Society and World Cinema Society.

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