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When as a high-powered business executive, I met my husband, I was earning more than double his salary. Soon after we married, I took a huge pay cut to join a not-for-profit organisation. Later, shocked, I realised my motivation came from an underlying belief about a married man needing to be the breadwinner.

It wasn’t conscious at the time, but I had an underlying assumption that I had to give up myself to look after my husband and that the man should be the primary source of income. I gave up the big money to make him feel like the man of the house.”

Stunned by the power of this unconscious belief, I investigated further. He never made me feel I had to be less, it was just a silly projected belief from society that man has to take care of women. When I realised it was not even my own belief, I was able to make me and my earning potential a priority again.

Today, I teach people how to uncover their own unconsciously held beliefs about money to experience greater wealth.

1. Be willing to explore your beliefs around money   

If you grew up in a family that said money is evil, you have to work hard to make money, or men should earn more, you may have adopted it as your own belief, even if it’s not. Ask yourself: If I had no belief about money being good or bad, what are all the different areas money can come into my life or my business?

2. Write a list of things you do and don’t enjoy… and question it all

It’s possible the things you ‘don’t like’ are on the list because other people have said it’s a chore, boring or hard work. Things you thought you didn’t like, but do, could become an extra source of revenue for you. Ask yourself: Do I really enjoy this? Do I really not enjoy this? And what is it that I do or do not enjoy about this, and what would make it more enjoyable?

3. Allow the business to work for you instead of you working for your business

Your business has a consciousness. Instead of trying to control everything in the business, partner with its energy for guidance instead. “Most of us work a million hours thinking we have to control everything in the business,” Laleh says. “If we are willing to allow the business to work for us, however, the business will draw in clients and staff for you.” Ask the business questions every day: What do you require from me today? Who would you like me to contact today?

4. Be open to change every day 

Your money or business goals and decisions are not set in concrete. Be open to making a different decision every day, every hour or even every 10 minutes. “You have to know when it’s time to change and be willing to move in a new direction,” Laleh says. Ask yourself: is this what I want to be working on?

“The Right Riches for You program is so much fun for me,” Laleh says. “It isn’t about teaching, it’s about facilitating others. I’m empowering people to get conscious clarity around their underlying beliefs so they can become more aware of what they already know in a way that allows them to create more money in their world. They walk out of the class knowing that everything they thought they couldn’t do, they actually can… and they begin making changes in their money potential, even before they get home.”

About Laleh Alemzadeh-Hancock

Laleh Hancock is a transformational facilitator and business coach with more than 25 years of experience building companies and individuals that win. Whether partnering with a Fortune 500 company or an entrepreneurial stay home mum, Laleh is dedicated to empowering people and organizations of all ages and stages to grow and expand. Laleh is a certified Facilitator for Access Consciousness, including Joy of Business, a specialty program of Access Consciousness. She meets people where they are and provides practical tools to empower people to create more joy, ease and possibilities in life. Laleh served on the Governor’s Maryland Caregivers Support Coordinating Council for four years. Follow on Twitter at @Belapemo.

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