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The Mompreneur Struggle to Juggle


Most people have heard of the trendy word, “Mompreneur” by now. For those of you living under a rock, according to Wikipedia, it means, “actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur”. Hmmm.

Are we actively and successfully balancing the role? That would be a big “NO” on my end. Should we even be trying to balance it all? Again, another big “NO” for me.

Think about a see-saw. It only functions properly when one side is up and one side is down. The difference in weight on either side causes this to occur, which essentially forces it to be imbalanced. If imbalance is what effectively causes a see-saw to operate, why have we been taught to believe that “balance” is our goal? Aren’t we setting ourselves up for failure?

The answer is yes. We need to change our perspective and realize it’s not actually about balance but about compartmentalizing and then prioritizing. It’s looking at all you are multi-tasking and recognizing which one is most important in that moment. As a Mompreneur, you will be faced with many choices as to where your time should lie.

You have a deadline for a client and your child is demanding you get him chocolate milk. Which do you believe is most important at that time? If you chose the chocolate milk, you aren’t going to accomplish much in a day.

Your son tells you he wants to talk about something that happened at school and your business partner has requested you edit an e-mail by the end of the night. Congrats if you chose the former. The edit can wait as your deadline is hours away. Giving your child your ear and undivided attention about something going on in his life takes priority in that instance.

Make sense? Again, not about balance, but about giving 100% to whatever you are focused on at a particular moment.

Here are three tips to make your Mompreneurial spirit thrive: 

Tip #1: If you are a Mom looking to become a Mompreneur, don’t shy away because of the definition described above. You are not expected to “balance” anything, accept maybe your insanity that you will create if you do try to “balance” it all. Remember you are human like the rest of us. Figure out which plates you have up in the air are most important and let the others fall on the floor. We assume these plates everyone is always talking about are breakable but when we look closely, they are actually pretty durable. 

Tip #2: Start building your “village” so you can start building your business. The saying is true my friends. It does take a village and that applies to both parenting and business. Support, whether mental or physical, is key in succeeding, especially if you have kids on the younger side. Encouragement and help should start in your household, and that includes your spouse/partner, if there is one present, and the kids as well. Lean on family, friends, sitters and even utilize the free day-care at the gym you belong to.

Tip #3: Take a deep breath and laugh. Yep, that’s right. You have two choices. You can cry or laugh and laughing is a lot more fun and also  of the best tools around when it comes to parenting, business and personal success. A Mompreneur is a tough gig. You are often wearing many hats at one time and it can be stressful beyond belief. Embrace the stress, since you signed up for it, and make the best of it by laughing and letting go. 

Moms, we got this! We were born for this. The struggle is definitely real, but we already knew that.

“I’ve learned that you can’t have everything and do everything at the same time.” -Oprah Winfrey

P.S. My six-year-old literally just asked me if he can have chocolate milk as I am finishing writing this piece. What did you think I chose to do?

About Ellie Hirsch

Ellie Hirsch started Mommy Masters® in 2010, and through various media platforms, including her Parents’ Choice Award winning educational music, has helped hundreds of thousands of parents create flourishing family environments. She recently co-founded Parent U Up by Mommy Masters®, a one of its kind, 24/7 subscription parenting platform, delivering individualized support via evidence-based behavior modification tools and humor. Learn more at and sign up for a free five-day trial.   Connect with Parent U Up on social media: Parent U Up on Facebook Instagram: @TheMommyMaster Twitter: @mommymasters

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