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Can money buy you happiness?


Everyone’s got an opinion on money and so often we hear things like, ‘it’s the root of all evil’ or ‘it can’t buy you happiness’. But is that necessarily true? Why does money get such a bad rap?

I grew up in a financially conservative middle-class American family.  I got what I really needed or was considered essential, but the things that I desired, just thought would be fun, or would make me happy, I had to work for, save up, or sometimes I just didn’t get them as they were too expensive.  None of which is wrong, it was just the way I thought life was and would be.

As an adult, I continued to make choices with money in my life and business, to create and have the essentials, but the fun things didn’t really happen.  I was using money for the essentials in life, which essentially left me unhappy.  While I grew up with these beliefs and ideas, the Access Consciousness® classes and tools opened me to see a different possibility.   I began to realise that I was just making choices to get by, rather than making choices to create what I truly desired and what made me happy.  Below are some stories and tools I learned along the way and teach in classes, to encourage people to reconsider their thoughts and beliefs around money, wealth, and happiness.

What is spending your money creating?

A common point of view or belief that shows up in my classes and with clients is spending money on things that do not have a direct monetary gain creates a loss or is destructive. You no longer have the money, it’s gone, so there is a loss.  Instead, I challenge clients to look at what spending their money creates or what they are investing, in regardless of direct monetary gains.  With every choice, you create something.  Those choices are non-monetary capital, experiences, you can use to create with in the future if you acknowledge it.

For example, I recently took my little sister to London with me, while I was there for a conference.  She was turning 21, had never been to Europe, and loves Harry Potter. London was perfect.  She had a great time.  It opened up her world. It changed her reality and mine.   I could look at it as a loss because I spent money and didn’t recoup any of it, but that wasn’t true.

What had I invested in?  What I had created with the trip were non-monetary assets.  Could they be directly translated into monetary value?  No, but I walked away with a desire to create more, to have more, to expand my business so I could have more of this ability of this in the future.  And my sister started to get the value of having money.

Finding another way…

Money isn’t the source of creating your life, you are.  People often believe they can only create based on the money they have.  Or that there is only one way to create what they desire. This is simply not true. There are an infinite number of ways to create what you desire, if you don’t get fixated on one way of doing things.  Ask what else is possible here I haven’t considered?  What other ways are there to create this that I haven’t considered or acknowledged?  These questions start to engage your brain in a different direction and look outside of what you have already determined to be the course.

I was flying from Cleveland, Ohio to Frankfurt, Germany and I really wanted to fly business class, but I really didn’t have the money (I decided I didn’t want to spend the money, it was too much).  I asked what else was possible that I hadn’t considered? What other ways could I create business class that I haven’t considered?

I got business class, in one of the strangest ways possible.  My original flight out of Cleveland got delayed, which meant I was going to miss my connection from D.C. to Europe. I started talking with one of the airline agents and managed to get on the last flight out to Chicago that I only made because it too had been delayed.  From Chicago I would get on the last flight out to Germany.  I had to get a new ticket issued in Chicago, so I went to the gate agent, asked for a new ticket and also if there were any business class upgrades available.  There was and, for a quarter of the price when I was looking at purchasing originally.

It was a little more stressful than I would have liked, so careful what you ask for.  But as weird as this sounds, I have seen these tools create for myself and client’s countless times, to the point where I know it isn’t a coincidence.  Try it out, ask what else is possible here that I haven’t considered?  What other ways are there to create this that I haven’t considered or acknowledged?

It’s not about the money

I was working with a client with expanding her business. She was doing well, but she noticed her business grew to a certain point and no matter what she did or created, the business wouldn’t grow beyond that.  She would take one step forward and two steps back.  I started asking her questions around this and what would happen if her business would hit the targets she was asking for.  What would change in her life?  How much money would she have?  To which she immediately responded, “It’s not about the money”. And for her it truly wasn’t.  It was about the change her business was creating in the world and the joy she got from creating and expanding it.  However, if you aren’t willing to have the money too, then you can limit the expansion and creation that is possible for your business and life to prove it’s not about the money and you don’t need it.

Money can come with happiness and success. They aren’t mutually exclusive.  You can find something you enjoy and are great at it and get paid for it. You can end up happy and wealthy.

About Andrew Gardella'

Andrew Gardella is a chiropractor and Wealth Creators Anonymous facilitator, a specialty program from Access Consciousness. He graduated from school Magna Cum Laude with BAs in Biology, Psychology, Cognitive Science and then received a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Since he was young, he has bought items from flea markets and sold them to generate more income, and this has evolved into buying and selling antiques alongside his Access Consciousness work. He realised some years ago that whether you have money or not is a choice, and since discovering this, has never looked back financially. He loves teaching others how they can make the choice to be in a better financial situation too.

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