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What successful women do differently


Gone are the days when women could only work as secretaries or assistants to male bosses. The world has become more open to the idea of women as leaders. As a result, women are doing great things in the business world, including building multi-billion dollar corporations from scratch. Interestingly, most successful women have certain traits that are similar.

Characteristics of successful women

1. Imperfection

Most successful business women know their strengths and weaknesses and will never try to act perfect. The have accepted that there are some things that they can do and those that they can’t. As a result, they focus on their strengths and surround themselves with people that can help them deal with their weak points.

2. Watching out for themselves

A successful woman will take care of her health. That means getting sufficient sleep when they have to and watching their diet. They make time for exercise and make sure that they don’t skip any meals since that’s where most of the energy comes from. They manage their time well and do all the things that they have to do within that time frame. That way, they avoid overworking themselves.

3. They mean what they say

Successful women don’t go back on their word. They can easily stand up for what they believe in without coming off as being too aggressive. These women do their research before telling other people what they think about an issue. They always have credible facts to back their arguments.

4. Understanding

Successful women understand the needs of others. They listen to what others have to say and empathize with them. This trait is very important in business because it helps leaders connect with their subordinates and establish some level of trust. This is because humans are emotional creatures, and they just want someone to listen to them.

5. Faith

Successful women have faith in their ideas and beliefs. No matter how crazy something may seem, these women follow through with it. They make sure that they gather everything that is needed to make the venture a success. Furthermore, most of them are not easily influenced to change their decisions because they believe that their actions will lead to the desired outcomes.

6. Passion

Another thing that makes women successful at what they do is their passion. These women love what they do. They don’t see going to work as a burden, but rather think of it as a calling. They can’t wait to get to work and finish the current project. The joy of seeing something that they started turn into a success is what keeps them going.

7. Control

Successful women have control of their lives and business affairs. They usually have influence and power in their line of work and can make decisions that suit them and their business. They know which marketing agency to call when they want to do damage control. Most people within their circle respect them because of their accomplishments. These women also have friends in high places and can make decisions that can shake the industry.

8. Tolerance

Successful women are not weakened by stress since they have a high tolerance for such things. Over the years, these women have learned to adapt to the firm’s needs and deal with any obstacles that come in their way. They know what to do when something bothers them so much, and they never allow negative emotions to influence their decision making.

Women are competing at the same level as men in the business world, and they are doing this through courage, assertiveness, power, empathy, passion, and having faith in their ideas, skills, and abilities.

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Sophia Belnap graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a degree in Organizational Behavior. She went to work at a marketing firm and after a few years realized that consulting was more in her niche. She currently consults for businesses around the country as well as sharing her knowledge with businesses and businesswoman through her writing.

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