2014’s most powerful women


Fortune has released their 2014 list of the world’s most powerful women, and there are some positions that look to be cemented, and some women who have zoomed up the chart.

Ginni Rometty secures top spot for a third consecutive year, and with good reason. Rometty had been keeping IBM relevant in a fast pace technology world with strategic partnerships with the likes of Apple. We expect to see her in the spot again next year as a result.

But the big mover is Mary Barra of global auto giant General Motors. Barra has escalated from 29 to number 2 spot after being appointed as the CEO in January — and promptly facing GM’s largest vehicle recall ever (29 million so far) from a faulty ignition switch linked to at least 13 deaths since 2005. She is also tackling GM’s infamous culture. A classic example of how women are recruited to lead companies through difficult times (just in case they fail) and a very familiar scenario we have spoken about before…the glass cliff. Barra however has done what we often see women do in these situations and that is to thrive.

Indra Nooyi is still in the top three, as a result of her trademark risk taking in the area of innovation with new products rapidly growing and already profitable for the beverage giant. Indra is a successful business woman we’ve admired for some time and who’s morning routine to inspire us all.
Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook rounds off the top 10 and besides being a household name for professional women everywhere (and responsible for the term #LeanIn) we wanted to point out that Sandberg is a role model when it comes to remuneration as she’s the best-paid woman on our list, making $38 million last year. Boom. This deserves a new hashtag we think #YouGoGirl.
The youngest on the list (and only woman in her 30’s) is Marissa Mayer CEO and President of Yahoo. Mayer has dropped 8 spots although we are impressed by the fact her parenting techniques and tough decision making wasn’t used as a reason for it.
And finally a special mention for Ursula Burns who sits at number 17 as Chairman and CEO of Xerox. We just love how Ursula is owning her spot in this list after such a hard upbringing. Ursula was also the first African-American woman to run a Fortune 500 company.

See the full list of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women here.




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