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The power of insight v information


It’s one thing to know, and share a lot of information, but if you want to truly develop credibility as a leader and develop yourself along the way, telling the story of your data and the insights of the information available to you will take you so much further. For some people both of these things come naturally, for others this is a learnt style. But if there is anything this year has taught me, it’s how critical it is to invest time in developing your capability and comfort in this approach for your personal brand as well as your development if you want to be seen as a trusted, authentic and informed resource.

So if you’re right there with me in the category of leaders who should have this on their development plan as a focus, here are the key tips:

Positive approach

It’s fundamental that you change your internal thought process and the way you perceive numbers, data and large ‘downloads’ of information. Being proactive and positive in your approach will help to ensure you’re not building internal barriers for yourself.


Make the space for yourself to drill down into the numbers, data and information you are provided or come across in real time and make notes of your takeaways, insights and thoughts on application. Once you feel comfortable with this as a default approach and thought process, build the courage to put yourself in situations you can share these at your own pace (below).


You need to get comfortable with sharing insights, not information. Anyone can relay or share the knowledge and information they’ve found or been given. But providing the insight you’ve gained from it and applying it to the context you’re operating within is where you can have impact. LinkedIn and Leadership Forums are a great starting place.


If you’ve got a point to prove or a decision that requires you to influence someone, work backwards and if there is the opportunity, find backing data or information that can be used so you can leverage the insights to support you in reaching the outcome you want.


About Carly Green

A senior HR business partner, young mother and wife with an incomparable zest for life, Carly Green is an advocate for women in the workplace. Carly is a leader passionate about integrating motherhood and career and shares this with a broad network of professional females. Her personal mission: to show that you can successfully have both, if you want to.

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