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Favoured by A-listers like Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, and featured in glossies like Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle, Middle-Eastern brand SSC is an eco-luxe fur fashion house, using materials such as recycled fur, shearling and meat industry by-product. Creative Director Sanaz Shirazi shares the brand’s story with The Business Woman Media Power Pack…


What prompted you to establish SSC?

SSATo create a brand that is eco in terms of not using synthetic to create and to have a slow process in terms of distribution and manufacturing.

Our family background goes way back when it comes to shearling and sheep fur manufacturing and distributing, as they were in the industry and exported meat industry bi product furs which was shearling to European fashion houses.

Our Main goal is to bring the family history and heritage back to present and continue the eco-luxe production.


What have been the biggest challenges in building the brand?

Challenges are always to stay original in a world that is trying to put you in a box, always think new and not being afraid to follow your instincts.


What have been the highlights?

SSCAs Creative Director I have been able to bring awareness to the brand through international press to this important cause, and received positive responses. That has definitely been a highlight.

The media has been very important and positive in the process of building the brand.  Middle Eastern media, international newspapers and magazines from Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire to Times and financial newspapers have featured us.

Also Television interviews to bring awareness to the brand’s philosophy … among them: VOA-Voice of America, BBC, Manoto TV.  I am also a guest judge at the Persian version of American Idol, and appear on Radio Farda, CEO Middle East, for The Middle East inc Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates.SSLA

The A list s from the movie, music, fashion and royalty have all been wearing the brand such as Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller, Analeigh Tipton and models Kate Moss and Elle Macpherson among others.  Their support has also been a highlight for us.

Another highlight is to be able to have branches and showrooms in cities around the worl: Geneva, Oslo, Tehran, London and now Los Angeles, and being sold at the best retailers worldwide — and also ski resorts.

But the greatest highlight is always to see a customer wearing the brand in the street.


What 3 things would you say to women who are trying to start or build a business?

  1. Always be honest and true to yourself and others about what you are doing and want to achieve and why you are doing it.
  2. Surround yourself with like-minded people and learn from the best.
  3. Never think that you know everything — be curious and never stop the learning process.


Sanaz Shirazi is the Creative Director of SSC, has a BA in international marketing, and has worked within advertising, marketing, fashion, retail, and business worlds. 

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