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5 Programs that optimize workflow


More often than not, you want to accomplish all of your work in just one go. Or if it would be impossible to do so, at least you could finish your tasks within a short span of time. You may also want to be done with your work so that you could impress your boss. Whatever your goal, it is vital that you are always productive with your work.

Due to the constant development of our technology, there have already been a lot of software applications that could help us in a variety of ways. Among these are programs that could help you be more productive in your jobs. In this article, we have rounded up five of the best programs that are necessary to optimize your work.

  1. ProWorkflow

First from the list is the ProWorkflow, a program that could provide an overview of the work that you are currently doing, those that you have already finished, and the tasks that you will accomplish in the future.

Moreover, the Messaging Tool also provides an excellent avenue to interact with others. Using this feature, you could attach the files you want to send, choose whether the file is to be made public or private, and send it. Because of its Gantt Style Timeline, you can see the projects and tasks from a global perspective.

This program is available in mobile devices especially those with iOS, Android, and Blackberry. Features present in the mobile app include task management and time tracking.

  1. Zapier

Another program that is necessary to optimize your work is the Zapier. It is an online solution that helps connect different applications so that workflow would be automated quickly. Eventually, these could boost personal and business productivity. It allows data to be moved between various web application so that you could focus on the essential issues at hand. It is equipped with just the right tools so that you could accomplish more things while exerting less effort.

The program also provides an efficient dashboard that could help you manage your apps and zaps easier. You could also do other things such as import and export using Google Sheets, access connected accounts, and others.

  1. bpm’online

The bpm’online is a workflow management program that would allow users to test, control, and develop their operations. It helps businesses adapt to market changes and adjust to the trends to which they are approaching to. Its interface is interactive, allowing users to focus on the metrics that only important to them. Since this program comes in the form of a social networking interface, the bpm’online could handle leads, sales, and accounting operations which would then give you a compact unit to help you manage all aspects of your business.

The features are designed to focus on customers. It offers a flexible scheme, providing a tailored plan for each and every user.

  1. Pipefy

This application is a workflow management tool meant to provide middle personnel such as managers to create and implement processes. Additionally, this Pipefy allows teams to run and customize any type of processes without having the need to gain knowledge of coding or information technology. The program is relatively easy to use. It is also scalable. Users could build custom workflows in a matter of minutes, establishing processes and execution standards while centralizing communications.

Aside from the features which are already mentioned above, Pipefy also includes these features: approval process control, compliance management, configurable workflow, and document management.


KissFlow (stylized as KiSSFLOW) is a workflow software and business process management tool which allows users to make workflows easily. A cloud-based solution, this program helps users to design and customize business applications. It consists of about 50 pre-installed business apps such as mileage reimbursement and vendor payment. The user has the luxury of installing these applications and edit them to suit their needs. You could also build your application from scratch.

The program also includes other features such as a form to capture data, making it easier to sequence system and human tasks.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of ways on how to stay productive using different programs. From infographics to organizational tools, these solutions will not only make your job more comfortable, but they will also help optimize your work. Indeed, these programs are just a way to help you with your work. It is then essential that you maximize these applications well so that you could use them efficiently.

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