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Refresh your Business Secret: How independent are you?


Successful business operators have been shown to have a strong sense of independence.

[tweet_quote hashtags=”#independentwoman” ]This sense of independence, however, stems from two needs[/tweet_quote].  One is the need to achieve autonomy in one’s life, while the other is the need to achieve security and stability.

Autonomy is important to individuals who do not wish to be bound by the constraints of large organisations.  They have an overriding need to do things in their own way, at their own pace, and according to their own standards. Thus they tend to be pulled towards work situations in which they can satisfy their need for autonomy.

Security and stability are important to individuals who want their future to be certain.  Not every small business operator wants or needs unlimited growth.  If they can achieve the security and stability they seek, these individuals will be content.

People are different and want different things out of life, so it is important to recognise these differences and to take them into account when contemplating the type of business that is best for you.

Katrena looks for clients who are independent thinkers.  They can make up their own minds on matters and don’t look for too much outside influence on everything.

Some people ask everyone around them for their opinion and often look for assurance in the wrong places.  Opinions are like ass-holes, everyone has one.  So knowing who you are and what you think is an important secret to success.

This is very different from being collaborative.  Being collaborative is going to the right people and working with the best in their field of excellence.  As business owners can’t be experts in everything and do everything, they must rely on others to do their thing.  The business owner is often the only one who knows what they want and they need to independently go for it and not rely on amateur opinions to take them off track.

Asking your friend, who has never been in business for themselves what they think is not going to be helpful.  That is why the best business owners surround themselves with other independent thinkers and people who can provide help and support in a constructive way, who understand the concerns and disappointments that come with being in business for yourself.

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About Katrena Friel

Katrena Friel is ‘Australia's Leading Success Coach for Intrapreneurs’ and the author of the Refresh Your Career series. She is an international keynote speaker, fully qualified corporate trainer, therapist, facilitator, executive coach and award winning author, delivering sessions around the world. Katrena's energy and expressive approach will energise and challenge behaviors, beliefs and thinking. Known for her practical, pragmatic approach, she has been described as highly dynamic, spirited and empathic. Katrena is an expert in personal and professional development, helping people escape their current thinking in an express format. With people reporting that in 2 days they learnt more about themselves and others, than they have in the last 20 years. Katrena will enable you to have a giant leap forward in your evolution and ensure you become an expert in your field of excellence. The aim is to INSPIRE – ALIGN – ACTIVATE. You will walk away feeling refreshed, empowered, confident that you have a new deep understanding of your capability, more assured around how to add more value and guarantee your future, with an increased sense of self belief and self value. For those that value honesty, growth, creditability, expertise, experience and authenticity, then Katrena will Refresh your Thinking.

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