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Take a break from work: Ways to relax and recharge in 5 minutes


This short guide outlines several ways for you to take a break from work and recharge your energy and mood in just five quick minutes. You might wonder if five minutes is enough to recharge, but we can assure you that science has shown the benefit of quick breaks throughout the day — giving your brain and body a refresh from the unending grind of work.

In modern times, we have lots of gadgets and technology that make our lifestyle very comfortable. Still, modern life is really busy and stressful at the same time. Taking a few minutes fto take a break from work can be helpful. Well, you cannot go for long yoga or meditation sessions, but sparing only five minutes into some relaxing activities can help you cope with the daily burden of work, regardless of your work at home or office.

Take a break from work: 5 minute breaks

Here are some of the best ways to take a break from work in only a five-minute stint.


A little walk in the pathway or office garden is a very relaxing way to take a break from work. When you feel stressed out at work, taking a short walk to the balcony and having some fresh air can be relaxing. You can use your tea/coffee-break or lunch break to take a quick walk nearby

It only takes you five minutes to switch off, hear the birds sing, admire a flower, and forget your worries for a moment. This will definitely help you to clear your mind and fill you with new energy.

Have some (healthy) snacks

An empty stomach can increase stress and nervousness. If you eat a small, healthy bun, you will feel happier quickly. It has been said that the path to a healthy brain passes from the stomach. So, take a break from work to have some snacks and enjoy every bite. But don’t go for a full meal or unhealthy food. You can go for fruits, dark chocolate, protein bar, or cereal. Never go for high-sugar foods because, in the long run, they can have negative effects on your body.

Breathing exercises

This way to take a break from work can be done without leaving your office or even the chair. Conscious breathing has a relaxing effect and helps to regain strength. Properly inhaling oxygen can help reduce stress levels and have a relaxing time. Take several deep breaths through your nose to relax completely.

You don’t need to go to a park or get some fresh air, you can do this exercise by just closing your eyes, make sure you are in a comfortable position, and then cover the right nostril with your finger. Now you only breathe with the left opening of your nose. Breathe deeply and calmly, alternating left and right, until you are completely relaxed.

Play some games

Playing online games on your PC or phone for a five-minute is a stress relieving way to take a break from work. Instead of playing lengthy games, you can play some games that don’t require much of your time. You can also try playing at new casinos in Canada and have some good relaxing time in few minutes. Apart from these, you can also play some games like sudoku to distract your mind from the work. This is helpful to relieve stress.

Caring for plants

This is a very efficient way to relax and to take a break from work. You can bring small planter pots to your office and take a 5-minute break to take care of them. Plants not only ensure clean air and offering better breathing, but they can also have a calming effect on nerves. Even if you only have a few flower pots. Your blood pressure will go down and you will feel better very quickly.

Listen to music

This is one of the best ways to deal with stress and to take a break from work. Your favorite kind of music can have calming effects on your brain and sometimes increase your confidence as well. Since the taste of music is different for each person, so we cannot suggest any kind of music. You can also just listen to one of your favorite songs, this will produce hormones that are relaxing. You can use headphones in the office, but you don’t need them at home and it can be a bit louder if you enjoy it.

Visualize the good times

Imagining having quality time at your favorite place with your favorite person can also be relaxing. Yes, daydreaming is another way to relax. You may imagine the beauty of nature. A place with a waterfall, butterflies, beautiful flowers, and trees. Thinking about the perfect future can also be a great thing to have some good relaxing time.

However, you should be careful with this exercise, as it can sometimes have the opposite effect if you are waiting even more longingly for the vacation or the longed-for dream home with these ideas. Imagine doing something that you enjoy and at the same time calms you down.


While doing our work, we become so busy that we eliminate every human contact. Talk with your colleagues and have some good laughs. Share some jokes. If you feel like talking to another person then you can call or message any of your best friends or partner. Ask them about their day and tell them about yours as well.

A relaxing massage

It is not necessary to go to the masseur, you may not have the time for that. Massage your palms with the thumb and index finger of the opposite hand to calm down. A small message on the thumb relaxes the shoulder, neck, and neck muscles. If you have a headache, a gentle, circular massage on your temples is very helpful, closing your eyes to relax better.


Even a short break is enough to give you rest and respite from work, so take up some of these suggestions to add an effective quick break into your day!

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