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Resolving conflict in the workplace in 4 easy steps


No matter how awesome your work colleagues happen to be, there will come a time when conflict at work raises its ugly head. We are all different and it’s quite normal to have a bad day. But the good news is that here are 4 ways to ensure that these little misunderstandings do not develop into something more serious.

1. Look at the issue

Allow the opposing teams or individuals to have their say and try to get them to observe how the problem has arisen. It’s perfectly natural for people to lose their cool when their point of view isn’t being considered. But if they can take a step back and be a little more considerate, it’s possible to turn that conflict into a manageable solution. Nobody is always on the right side and you should try to remain neutral in order to convince your team that you are all on the same side.

2. Listen before acting

The key here is to encourage the team to say less and hear more.  Whilst working as a counselling advisor for the team at Canadian Choice Windows and Doors Edmonton, we outlined that when we are arguing, it can become near impossible to be able to take in what else is being said.

Let one team/individual at a tine have their say and explain that it is vital to keep opinions to the minimum until they have heard each side of the story. Again, you must remain impartial until this has played out to the conclusion. Sometimes it is possible for both trains of thought to be aligned in a way that makes the team far stronger. You just have to work on the less probable ideas, and this can only be achieved by listening clearly and concisely.

3. Facts are important

Sure, we all stretch the truth on rare occasions but in the workplace that isn’t going to win any arguments. These can arise when opinions differ, so it is best to weed out any inconsistences. That means fact checking and ensuring that both perspectives are taken into consideration. This works best when the first two paragraphs are adhered to because this allows for both sides to be able to state their case. If you find that they do have a relevant standpoint, then it’s time to join forces and get the absolute best solution for you and your colleagues.

4. Team is everything

It may sound like a cliché, but we are stronger together and it is important to use this type of synergy in a positive way. If we all had the same ideas and perspectives, there would be very little creativity to feed from. Conflict in the workplace for Ottawa window companies really can be transformed into making the team stronger in the long run. You will also start to understand the weaknesses and flaws that must be avoided in the future.

By following these proven tips, your workplace can get back on track and start to produce the best work as a unified team. Don’t forget to use the very next conflict as an opportunity instead of an obstacle and get those results that we all strive for together.

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