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Tips for trade shows: How to stand out


This guide outlines tips for trade shows that will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Trade show exhibits can be expensive and it takes a lot of hard labor and time to put one up that can tell your brand’s story perfectly. But custom made trade shows can give you high returns on your investment as you can use them over and over again. Not to mention, these exhibits can get you in touch with valuable contacts and help you to build business relationships.

When it comes to trade shows, your first priority is to catch the attendees’ eyes and present a memorable show. The sales will happen later. In every trade show, there are hundreds of participants and thousands of attendees. The attendees make instant choices when they pass a booth whether they want to see what’s inside or not. All you need to get them inside is to create a great first impression with the key ingredients for trade show success.

Tips for trade shows

Here are a few sure-fire ways to draw the eyes at trade shows.

Tips for trade shows: Be different

One of the key tips for trade shows is that conventionality is not your objective … you do not want your booth to blend into the displays around you. Everything must stand out from your surroundings and your competitors. Make sure to use custom-made displays,available here, and the uniform you and your staff wear should be eye-catching but not unpleasant.

Tech moguls and corporate giants alike have come to one realization when it comes to trade shows: you need to stand out. They do so by having some of the best custom trade show displays in the business. A custom exhibit can put forward the appearance that you want your brand to display. A successful trade show booth is more than just an impressive display. It’s the creative, innovative touches that help businesses make a truly lasting impression.

From personalized bottles to flyers and even inflatables to match your booth design, using details that create a cohesive look that ties back to your brand can help you stand out from the competition. Advertising inflatables by Floatie Kings are especially popular for adding visual interest to trade show booths as they can be tailored specifically to your company logo, product, or any symbol associated with your brand. With the right touches in place, you can rest assured that you’ll boost your visibility and presence at your next event. Many attendees identify the product with the stall, so having a professional looking custom exhibit can create the unique impression and message you want to deliver.

Tips for trade shows: Be memorable

If you want to maximize the number of prospective customers coming into your stall, a strong visual appeal with an underlying story of progress and professionalism is a must. Attendees should recognise your confidence and must have your corporate brand and your product imprinted in their memory.

There are many ways to create a pleasant memory in the minds of attendees. Most stalls rely on technology to attract attendees. Although they might seem attractive at first, remember that most of the stalls would adopt the same tactic. There are better ways to connect with the prospective clients, such as the use of clever surfaces of textures for the floor or the walls. Live plants on the walls create an ecological environment which can create lasting impressions.

Tips for trade shows: Be approachable

Do not just stand behind a table inside your booth. Come out of there and interact with the attendees rather than expecting them to come to you and ask about your product. Ask your staff to request attendees passing by to visit your stall. Be proactive about informing those who visit your stall about your brand’s purposes. Try to anticipate what their requirements are by asking intelligent questions.

It is wise to incorporate interactive elements in the booth such as interactive displays, games or contests. Interactive elements not only make your booth more attractive, they also make it approachable. These elements help prospective customers to overcome their dilemma of visiting your stall. In case a visitor is not sure whether coming inside your stall is going to be beneficial, the interactive sessions can pull them inside.

Tips for trade shows: Be friendly

Giveaways and freebies are a sure shot method to increase footfall into your stall. You can also keep certain choices of freebies so that they use the freebie more and remember your brand while doing so. Freebies also make sure that if the person does not interact with you during the fair, they will be impressed with your promotional product and might get in touch with your company to know more.

Most businesses think of keyrings or flash drives as promotional giveaways, but food and drinks can also be used to attract customers. Food and beverage often generate a lot of buzz and you can be sure of having a crowd in front of your stall. You can use something that will last for some time, like a box of coffee or tea. You can try to tie up with other companies so that both the companies can benefit from the promotion, while you save on some cost.

Whatever giveaway you choose, make sure that you keep quality products. Just because your company does not manufacture or sell them, does not mean that the attendees are not going to judge you based on those products. Good quality giveaways can tell a lot about your company’s dedication towards quality. Plus good quality products would last longer which means longer advertisement of your brand.

Professional custom displays, memorable experience, interactive elements and giveaways can help you generate a lot of important leads which can be converted into profitable connections later. The key to a successful trade show display is to think from the visitors’ point of view.

Pro tip: make sure you take a round to the other stalls participating in the fair. They may be your competition, but you might find a customer or two among them.

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