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Rich women are domestic violence victims too


Miranda Devine has ventured into the murky and complicated world of domestic violence,  asking much-needed and pertinent questions about the new Australian Governments Domestic Violence (DV) National Action Plan — questions that someone needed to ask.
Unfortunately, it seems as though some very good points have been washed over while others may be misleading.

Yes the National Action Plan is a great start. And yes we need to show respect not only for women, but for all people. Period.

It’s a brave move by the government to promote the idea of woman staying at home in their familiar environment instead of funding more shelters. A great idea if they can pull it off.

The issue here isn’t on the education of respecting women but that of protecting a women from a man who knows where she lives. That is where my interest piques. How will that happen when DV escalates for a woman once she decides to leave an abusive relationship?

That will be difficult — almost impossible — to manage for the government.

Back to the article, regardless of what the “statistics” say, poverty is not the cause of domestic violence.

It’s absurd. It’s pretty much saying if you have money you treat women better. Well that is definitely not the case.

Yes they may have more reported cases in areas that are affected by poverty. But let’s look at the reality of reporting. Women, and many business women in affluent suburbs are silently suffering and not reporting their domestic violence as they are married or dating men who are in high-powered positions.

They often have an image to uphold and don’t want to be humiliated and isolated from the only world they know and live in. So they remain silent.

This is not just about protecting women from lower socio-economic quartiles.
Domestic violence is physical, emotional and mental. And it doesn’t know any financial boundaries.

It affects all women from all areas and is happening a lot more than we know.


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